Talking about a brand’s online presence in 2021, whether that’s through social media or website, is similar to discussing the core activities of an organization. It is increasingly vital every day to not just maintain but update your website as an opportunity or need arises. Any graphic designing company in Dubai can help you achieve the objectives you require from your website. Let’s look at the indicators when to, and considerations what exactly you need to, keep in mind while revamping:


  • Update in brand identity or values

Sometimes people make large-scale updates to their brand identity and values, without realizing the importance of it reflecting in their digital presence. Small updates within your website only keep dragging your overall work, when in reality you need to completely revamp to reflect the changes you have made.

  • Low website performance

This is the most known indicator that any website development agency in UAE can help you sort out. But it is you who decides when your website isn’t providing you with the results you aim for. This is an obvious factor to revamp your website as soon as you can.

  • Changes in product identities/packaging/personas

New product launches, replacing products, or redesigning a product whether that’s just the packaging or the product persona and how it works. The basics of what your website says are the same as your products and services, if the product itself has some changes, those changes need to get updated on the website too.


  • Internal team capacity

Your team needs to be prepped beforehand to be able to go through this project, as website design and development can get lengthy, and complicated. They need to be involved in the process as much as the developers so that your content strategy can be on point according to your objectives.

  • Budget, Timeline, and Resources

These are the three pillars that you cannot have the best of all at once. Brands forget that you cannot have the best work, within an insufficient timeline and budget, one of these often gets out of hands and that is fair in the process. Where resources are concerned, you also need to consider whether you want to hire an in-house person to do the job for you or outsource the project to a web designing agency in Dubai.

  • Effective strategy for order

Lastly, something important to consider when you decide to go ahead with a website redesign is deciding what you want to start with and the entire process, in steps, prioritizing different objectives. This helps you give structure to your procedure, keep track and navigate through it the entire time.

These are a few indicators and considerations that you need to make sure of when redesigning your website. You can steer away from these according to your company’s objectives and focal points, but as a standard, these are the basic things to address.

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