Ramadan 2021 is arriving shortly and the number of Muslims around the world make it highly important for brands to start gearing up for it as early as they can. According to stats, there are about 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, making Islam the second most practiced religion in the world after Christianity.

These stats matter for companies and brands to ensure they are inculcating their audience’s important cultural, and religious events. Including audience demographic-specific content within your strategies makes your audience relate to your brand and builds brand recall. This is also important to note for different organizations such as any digital marketing company in UAE who develop and execute the strategies for many brands at once. Here are a few insightful considerations for meaningful Ramadan marketing:

  • Track and measure

Tracking and measuring your campaigns is highly essential to figure out which ones are working for you. Setting up KPIs within your strategy helps you keep track of different aspects of a campaign from sales, brand reach, engagement to customer acquisition cost. You will know early on, and at every step whether the plan you put in place is proving to be beneficial for you.

  • Don’t confine your strategy

It truly depends upon the brand whatever scaling and reach objective they set for themselves, but events such as Ramadan are the perfect opportunities to think big and think outside the box. Especially in this age of digital revolution, nothing is confined, so why let your strategy be restricted. This doesn’t mean you would have to do any excessive work to make sure you’re relative to the global audience but use the common demographic to your benefit. This is important for any digital marketing agency in Dubai or elsewhere to consider.

  • Automate & Optimize

Building on the previous tip of digital advancement, the use of advanced technology features can help elevate your strategy altogether. Machine learning, IoT, and other such features within the digital platforms help take the access load away from your teams and optimize your strategy towards execution. You can achieve way more when you use the right tools at the time and situation. Any digital marketing company in Dubai that utilizes digital platforms to automate ads etc. knows very well how fruitful it can be.

  • Start early

It’s a common ritual for people to shop early for Ramadan as they’re afraid there might be price hikes during the month. This should be reason enough for you both as a brand and as a digital marketing agency in UAE to not only start planning early but implementing and executing early too.

  • Don’t hold back on storytelling

Lastly, all the above tips are to help ensure you are proactive and an early starter for the campaigns, but also to utilize a great moment to connect with a large number of your audience. Whether that’s through traditional ads or more stretched-out digital campaigns on social media, storytelling and being creative will get you everywhere. This is the only aspect that is true no matter when you start your marketing, to ensure you give your best in terms of bringing something fresh yet relatable to your audience.

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