Valentine’s day is as much a day for brands as it is for couples. Sure, the general stance may be to celebrate love but the commercial aspect of it should not be lost on you as a marketer or otherwise any person who is in the corporate world. There’s a way to approach all events and topics without disrespecting the original idea or emotion attached to it. But as the second week of February approaches us, brands and we, the agencies that do the work of bringing in creative and relative spark to the content that brands churn out need to start our creative wheels going.

We have compiled a list of the top few things to consider in terms of Valentine marketing, read ahead if you would like to optimize your marketing during the month of February:

  • Be relative to your industry:

As a brand, your products and services have a USP of their own, even if that USP is the creativity that your team can pull off. You can bring the valentine’s theme around your product to keep the change of a new campaign relevant to your brand. Whether you do a series on social media, website update, valentine offer, or video marketing Dubai, which is one of the leading features picking up growth in current times. You can make a couple’s edition set of your products, offer couples special in your services, and much more.

  • Valentine special visuals:

Your visuals don’t need to bring the conventional red/balloons/roses back, but you have to have a touch of something Valentine related, even if it means reimagining Valentine with your brand positioning and overall strategy in mind.

  • Don’t hold back from getting creative:

Often people think the romantic aspect of Valentine is what drives sales, therefore that is the only way to go about it if you want this time to be profitable for you. But time and time again, brands have shown their creative sides by bringing in a more inclusive idea of love that can be celebrated surrounding Valentine’s day. Times today are much different than they were before, and it is the best time to explore other ideas of love than the romance cliches that are considered the benchmark of all things love, especially during this time. Using your own creative ideas to explore different themes utilizing your brand/products will give something fresh for the audience to mull over.

  • Valentine gift guides:

The classic gift guide’s idea will never get old. Whether it’s in form of valentine gift sets, blogs that feature a guide, a separate category on the website. It helps when you give customers ideas about Valentine gifts that feature your products.

  • The-day-of wish:

Don’t miss out on or forget to publish a wish. Just as you celebrate the wide majority of other holidays, events, and important days, Valentine’s wish is an important aspect of the whole aura your brand gives during the month of February or whenever you decide to run your Valentine’s day related campaign. It’s not important to go the traditional way, it’s enough if you remember to address the day and your audience on the day.

  • Valentine promotional offers:

Lastly, another holy grail of an event such as Valentine is the opportunity to market your products and brand using promotional offers, giveaways, and such. It helps when you incentivize your customers on special occasions.


Our responsibility as leading social media service providers in Dubai is to make sure all these strategies are implemented in the context of the middle eastern audience to optimize brand presence. If you are someone looking for valentine themed strategies during this time, get in touch to explore different ideas and an action plan.

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