We’ve had many previous discussions about the trends that are to grace us in 2021 and the updates in the digital marketing arena. From Apple’s iOS14 update, some top social media trends, to the key marketing challenges that will be faced, it is clear that this year is going to be different from the previous ones, however, whether for the better or worse is yet to be decided. There are many technical and other updates that are expected to be with us sooner than expected such as SEO specific trends, Google Ad services updates, and much more in the near future.

Let’s look at the oncoming digital marketing updates that are going to affect the overall marketing plans in 2021:

  • Augmented reality:

Brands like Ikea are a very good example of how to get on board and adopt something that can help elevate your brand and customer experience. They have an AR catalog that helps them give customers an actual experience of how their product will look in their homes. The pandemic has taught brands that it is rather reasonable to use AR as a marketing tool, as it is cheaper than many other digital marketing tools.

  • Social eCommerce: 

This previous year, the most commonly used social applications Facebook and Instagram installed a shop feature in the app. This opened many avenues for brands to use their social media platforms to tag their products from the shop as well. It is quite easy to set-up shop and utilize the feature to both market on social media and give customers direct options to buy from there. This takes away much time taking and taxing minutes away from the online shopping experience by shortening the buying journey a customer makes.

  • Google page experience update:

The newest google update called Core Web Vitals is expected to be available in May 2021 which is going to impact visibility on Google’s page. Google Ads management Dubai is already preparing for how that might impact brands. The new metrics of the update will have site load time, interactivity, and content stability as the three main focus points based on which it will rank brand sites. This ultimately means brands need to start planning ahead and think of how they will optimize for this update in order to make sure they maintain or improve their Google ranking.

  • Voice Search Optimization:

The more we’ve provided customers with accessibility options, the more it has shown to work for us. And 2021 is expected to be the year when people really start using Voice-search in abundance, regularly. Google ads expert in Abu Dhabi and Dubai think it is essential to make sure we have all the basics of these updates in mind before coming up with any future strategies.

  • Automated basic procedures: 

Many basic marketing tasks can be time-consuming and thus affect efficiency that can be utilized in the creative process. Thus, using automated alternatives for much of these tasks such as Google Ads automated bidding, etc. You need to focus on core strategies and plan ahead.

All these are different search engine and social media related updates that will affect marketing in one way or another. Point Blanc Media as a digital marketing and google ads services Dubai provider, makes sure all these things are inculcated into the strategies we plan and the services we provide.

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