The pandemic has changed things so much and so consistently, we have started to accept all the changes in behavior as necessary. The changes in consumer behavior specifically, regarding the commercial business and marketing sense, has changed quite dramatically. Trends and records were broken and that too in no time. This is because people did everything that provided them a little escapism from what was going on in the real world.

With that said, today’s topic is to do with how the experiential and transactional experience of a consumer shifted and switched places during this time. To start off, transactional experience, as the name suggests, mostly has to do with purchasing a product. And the experience has to do with everything around a brand that makes your experience of it pleasant and satisfying enough to revisit and consider it highly.

Previously, in the traditional sense, experiential was mostly to do with in-store environment and online brand experience, on the website mostly, came under transactional. Brands did everything in their power to make the store experience as pleasant for the customers coming in. The entire purpose was to make sure you’re giving them something to remember your store by, whether it’s the music you put on, the scent of the store, the ease and convenience in finding things, payment procedures or the, and overall ambiance of the store. On the contrary, the opposite was true for the website and online experience. People mostly found brands online to place an order for their desired products. It wasn’t focused on any other aspect of the online experience, at least not as much.

After we collectively went through a pandemic, that confined the entire population to their homes,  there was no other way to buy and experience shopping as before, so online was the only way to go about it. Even though the rise of focus on the digital brand presence was picking up, the pandemic sealed it down and made it mandatory with brands having no choice but to focus their majority, even all resources in the digital presence. Customers started focusing on the brand website, its interface, the convenience of use, features, and other overall experiences, and those features then started affecting buying patterns and purchase decisions making web development extremely important and vital. The entire focus of experience shifted from in-store to online, on the website and brands now focus on their website experience like how they would previously do for their store environment.

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