Instagram is as much of a business platform now as it is a social platform. Whether you are on the Application for creative and community reasons or for business-related reasons you need to recognize and stay up to date with the new updates in the usage and algorithm policies of the application in order to make your presence fruitful in whatever way you desire.

Instagram and Facebook marketing has become more complicated than before due to its constantly changing algorithm that demands different behaviors and rewards profiles accordingly. Especially talking about Instagram, the algorithm has gotten really demanding, and it grades you according to your activity on the platform. Let’s discuss the top tips that you need to be following religiously in order to flourish on Instagram:

  • As a social media platform, Instagram wants you to use the new features that it rolls out and the most recent one that it wants you to be using is Reels. As direct competition to TikTok, the video streaming application that has taken the world by a storm, Instagram came up with Reels. As the newest and most popular in format feature, Reels is currently at the top of the charts in terms of algorithm rewards. Therefore, as brands, you need to prioritize your content accordingly.
  • Second to the newest feature, comes the usage rate and the variance of the formats you are using. The App wants you to use all of its features in a good combination, where every feature and new update is sparkled in the usage such as new stickers, filters, geotagging, In-App Camera, and everything else is used. Therefore, as a brand on the platform, you need to sprinkle in all of it whenever you are using the platform.
  • The last one is to make sure your posting and presence on the platform are consistent, which essentially means to recognize a pattern that you can follow, the easiest one for you, and sticking to it. This can be either dedicating days in the week for posting, posting every alternative day, or dedicating a number of posts in the week, etc.


For brands to recognize their own perfect formula to go about things is perfect and works well if it’s giving them results. But as prospective brand owners and other professionals in the field, it is not just important but necessary to be well-versed with these things that help Instagram and Facebook advertising. As a Facebook advertising agency, it is important for us to recognize these algorithm requirements and how they reward certain posts and profiles according to its rules.

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