Shopping experience and behaviors have changed drastically ever since the pandemic first hit us in the first quarter of 2020. So much so, that the unforeseen acceleration of online shopping has increased by 5 years according to IBM estimates. But there have been trends within this main categorization as well. Essential food and other items saw a dedicatedly large surge, while consumers cut back on unnecessary shopping due to unprecedented working conditions and uncertain layoffs.

Amidst all this, brand responsibilities increased unexpectedly too, including impact of content marketers, not only in terms of internal objectives but also in the larger social context as well. Let’s look at the top main trends within consumer behavior put forward by Facebook IQ:

  • The shifting paradigms of loyalty: There are seven different elements to be considered within loyalty between customers and brands; availability, affordability, accessibility, attributes, action, altruism and assurance. Ultimately, brands need to build on their humanity, as customers are statistically more pulled towards transparent and empathetic brands.
  • Purchase decisions have turned a complex turn: We understand the impact the virus has had on consumers psychologically. In some ways, the eCommerce industry boost is a forced jump that was brought upon the consumers. Even in regions where lockdowns have been lifted or eased, customers have started valuing shops that prioritize safety precautions, reasonable price promotions among other customer-oriented strategies.


  • In-store transactional convenience and online experience: The previous needs demanded a strong in-store experience and a convenient online presence, but those roles have been reversed as consumers now demand a convenient and reliable in-store experience, while they are attracted towards a creative and engaging online shopping experience making content marketing an important facet of the overall digital strategy.
  • Changing consumer priorities: Over the past few years, a brand’s values have become almost as equally important to consumers as the product quality. This is a huge deal for brands because corporate social responsibility already demanded that organizations invest in society’s interests as much as they benefit from it, but now individual consumers have started valuing it as well.
  • Shopping risks: Even though there is a certain preferred mode of shopping for a large number of consumers, both online and in-store shopping have their own risks. From functional, physical, social, psychological to financial and time related issues all affect the purchase decision of consumers highly.

All these and more in detail in Facebook IQ’s report that goes into further detail with industry experts, content marketing experts, digital leaders, to sales experts. As a content marketing agency Dubai, our role here is to recognize how marketing, especially the digital kind can solve the riddles and turn the issues faced by shoppers around. It stays true for any content marketing agency UAE because digital marketing is the glue that holds product promotion together at this point in time.

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