Whether you are an established business name or a budding small business trying to build a killer business strategy, you need to improve your online presence so that it makes for a better experience for your customers. When the online experience is concerned, the foremost thing to consider is how the customers find their shopping journey with you. Every feature on the website counts within this experience, because it either satisfies the customer or you need to improve and do better for them. This is something that concerns UX UI designers in UAE, because they have to ensure the website is as much of a satisfactory experience as it takes to make a sale and retain customers.

Here are a few tips taken from industry experts that can help you improve your customer’s online shopping experience with you:

  • The checkout process in any website affects a customer’s experience by a lot. The simpler it is, the more chances there are of a finalized sale. The more clicks there are in-between, making the process longer and more complicated, the more chances there are for customers to turn back and away from your business.
  • How you’ve set out your return policy is another important aspect of your customer’s shopping experience. You need a properly laid out, simply explained and accurately followed return policy for your business that is mentioned on the website so that customers can access it.
  • Ask your business the question of whether your website is mobile-friendly. Many business owners do not consider this to be a big deal and end up having a negative image because the number of users that use their smartphones for online purchases is very high. Not looking and catering to this issue ends up passively harming your business. UX UI companies Dubai always need to take care of these relevant issues with regards to a business’s online presence.
  • The most commonly known fault is the lengthy loading time that websites often take to load and move from one page to another. Customers might not understand what goes behind a website and how web development works but they assume many things from these minor issues. On the other hand, the experience tends to frustrate customers and makes them go towards other options they might have. Make sure your loading time does not make your customer exit your website page before making a purchase.
  • Lastly comes the payment options, which should be easy to understand. The more choices you give your customers in terms of payment methods, the more likely they are to place an order with you.


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