Tastes change, and information spread faster than ever before. It has become crucial for brands and creators to produce content that are timely and relevant, especially on trending stories. Diving deeper into YouTube trends can unearth a wealth of data that you can tap into to learn more about hot topics and consumer behaviors. In turn, it will help to create content that resonates with the most amount of viewers.

So what do the consumers expect to watch on YouTube videos in 2021? Let’s find out in the YouTube videos guide. In 2020, consumers wanted to watch genuine content. They wanted originality and smartness in the videos. There was a 215% increase in daily updates for content with “self-care” shown in the YouTube data from July 2019 to July 2020. Television screen watch time went up over 180% for videos relating to well-being, such as fitness, meditation, and yoga from the viewer’s perspective.

But now in 2021 video uploading guide, consumers are still looking for content that articulates their present state of mind. This does not mean that your brand should start a yoga or meditation series. It’s to highlight how closely consumers are associated with the current ongoing events. If you stay updated on how your target audience is feeling and what kind of content they’re looking for, you can fasten it into your YouTube strategy.

“Viewers really want content that not only educates them but also engages them. Our new style is putting big stock in the authenticity and personality of its presenters,” said Jamal Meneide, associate video producer/editor and on-screen talent for HubSpot’s YouTube Channel. Brands now focus more on the social climate and general consumer feelings, and tie these elements into the content.

YouTube launched “Shorts” in India, a new short-form video platform on YouTube in September 2020. It’s now making Shorts available in the US, as of March 2021.

Just like other short-form platforms, videos on Shorts are formatted vertically to be viewed on a phone. Although it’s still in beta, users can create 15-second clips, edit them with multiple tools and add music from YouTube’s music library.

“YouTube is trying to compete with TikTok, which is evident in their play to introduce ‘Shorts.’ For a time, it felt like there was a pendulum swing toward really long, unedited content,” said Meneide.

Brands have got the opportunity to experiment with short-form content on YouTube and observe how the audience is responding to it. One strategy is to use shorts and create teasers for your upcoming videos.

Although short videos are trending, it is important to acknowledge that consumers still enjoy long videos. In June 2020, YouTube reported that 46% of survey respondents said they were more likely to watch videos over 20 minutes long than they were six months ago.

In November 2020, Audio ads were introduced by YouTube as a new way for brands to reach consumers. It was a surprising announcement, given that the platform is known for video content. However, according to a ‘Think With Google’ article, over two billion people go to YouTube for music.

It is important to watch news and keep a track of what’s trending. However, knowing the difference between something that’s just in the news cycle and a trend worth incorporating into your YouTube strategy should be a priority.

As we cross this year, it’s much like for more new trends to pop up and might inform your YouTube strategy. The most essential thing to consider is being flexible, adaptable and knowing when something is worth exploring further. Reach out to a digital marketing agency to stay updated on the latest trends and strategize with valuable data to attain your goals.

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