While it may seem overwhelming, its importance cannot be overstated. Marketers spend a huge amount on social media branding to boost their businesses. Social media advertising spend is expected to top $47.9 billion in 2021. That’s nearly 20% of the total expected advertising spend by all North American businesses this year. The amount that is being spent on paid social media ads has been increasing since 2019 and now when businesses are preparing to spend nearly 1/5th of their ad budgets, it’s quite obvious that these ads are becoming an important substance in social media marketing strategies.

Eventually, these paid social media ads help to target audiences and increase sales just as organic social media does. You might be wondering what’s the benefit of spending this kind of value? It’s the speed marketing, campaign sustainability, and old-fashioned message frequency.

It can take days for organic social media traffic to get the algorithms at work on the most popular social media sites. Running a short campaign that ramp up time can cost you visibility and leads. With paid social media, your campaign can get started with an extra boost at a speed that organic posts just can’t match.

In addition to sustain views, traffic, and engagement for as long as your credit card can stand, you will have the advantage of retargeting the audience with your ads to attain an advertisement frequency that you can control. Every social media channel works differently. Twitter provides short-form content, Instagram is all about visuals, Facebook marketing services has its own marketplace for shopaholics and purchasing enthusiasts,  and LinkedIn connects you to networking professionals.

As such, paid social media on each platform differs, and should, depending on the campaign and audience. Let us explore some quick strategies that will help you decide how to use paid social to the benefit of your brand.

A paid social media strategy leverages external marketing activities on social media channels that support PPC advertising. It involves using the ad tools native to those social media channels to create, schedule, and post targeted ads that will reach a specific market. The objectives of a paid social media strategy may include awareness, consideration, or conversions.

Well, a paid social media strategy can enhance a marketing budget that might not be considerable enough to promote a large brand through traditional media channels. If your business is working with a limited budget to reach heavy ROI goals, look no further. We’ve gathered the important things you’ll need to know about using paid social media ads.

You just need two critical items to create a paid social media campaign and strategy – an objective and a budget. Having an objective gives your subsequent tactics a direction to work with and a goal to achieve. Imagine that this strategy is your road trip. You start your journey at your house with an objective of making it to your destination by a certain time. Paid social media ads work similarly. Your audience is starting their journey with your brand on their newsfeed and your goal is to lead them to the destination.

To establish where your audience is starting their journey, you will see filters, settings, and other criteria to narrow down your audience so that everyone you target is starting from a similar place. Although it can be, this does not have to be a physical location. You can target people by their age, their hobbies, and even their occupation.

You may define your destination once you have your starting point. Different social media ad platforms have their own conversion tools, but the end goal is almost always the same i.e. get people to share their contact information with your business. You might do this with a form fill or a visit to a landing page on your website.

Paid social media advertising is one of the least expensive types of advertising available in the traditional and digital market. The pay-to-play model for these channels makes them flexible enough to target only the people your business wants to attract, therefore you only have to pay for those you have the ability to reach. Unlike TV or radio ads that are priced based on the length of the spot and the time the ads will air, social media ads are priced based on the length of the campaign and the potential number of impressions you’ll be working toward with your ads.

It’s quite effortless to think that the money spent is just for the big, reputed and famous brands but the truth is, that making informed purchase decisions is beneficial for every business, big or small. Social media channels are providing access to advertising to big or small businesses alike. You just need to learn how to plan, create and position your advertisements to your target audience. And then you’re good to go. Connect with a digital marketing agency who will make the best out of your investment and it will be definitely worth your money.

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