Social Media Marketing Types: 3 You should know!

The maelstrom of social media has brought a massive change in the marketing industry in this era. The unorthodox methods of marketing have brought about a major change in the overall vision of how businesses should deal with their advertising and marketing strategies. The different social media platforms have now become essential tools in a Marketer’s toolbox. These platforms have become one of the most effective ways of communicating with people as they allow maximum brand reach, let you engage with the right kind of people and they help achieve a lot of different marketing and advertising goals.
There are different categories of social media marketing:
1. Microblogging (Twitter, Tumbler)
2. Photo Sharing (Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat)
3. Social Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+)
4. Video-Sharing (Youtube, Vimeo, Ticktock, Facebook)
5. Web Blogging ( Blogger, WordPress)

The key to successful social media marketing is knowing which platform will make your business the best fit. Depending on the type of audience you are catering to and what you are looking for in the target audience the essential thing is to see where the concentration of this audience might be. Below we have a guide of which are the most

important platforms used in social media marketing that you need to know to do business in the new year.

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most successful social media marketing platform because it has the highest reach in almost any target audience you can think of. With over 2.41 monthly active users the number of people a business can reach through Facebook advertising is actually high and diverse. Facebook provides the functionality of targeted digital advertising which makes Facebook Ads is one of the most effective. Another
major feature that Facebook provides is their commerce integration for businesses, this makes it easy for users to purchase from the company through social media platforms

which makes it a doubly effective medium.

2. Instagram
Owned by Facebook, Instagram is another popular platform. It has over 1 billion active users and over 80% of those users follow brands. One of the biggest plus factor is that most of the Instagram users are actually much younger than another platform so they are easier to reach through this platform. Another major advantage is that Instagram allows a brand to tell its own story thus motivate users to become not occasional customers but create loyalty as well. With a direct message functionality, a direct link is made on this platform and brings in a little personalization which gives this platform an edge.

3. LinkedIn

This platform primarily targets professionals in different fields and adds connections, building not just a brand image and loyalty but also create a social network of professionals, freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs, allowing brands to promote themselves on a whole separate level. This allows networking opportunities and improvements along with connections that help businesses to progress through experience from different industries. This allows brands to drive real engagement across different fields.

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