2020: Top 5 Web Design Trends to look out for!

The coming year 2020, is going to be one of the big ideas. This means you need to think about revamping, and re-innovating your sites from now. With changing web design trends better to keep on top rather than change too late for those trends to do something for you.

Some of the latest trends are actually things that are not just for the new year but they are always effective but still, they require repetition and mention as well because recall can often bring things to the forefront.

The top 5 in our list of upcoming web trends are:

1. Asymmetrical Layout

An asymmetric design makes for an eye-catching website. The website is grid-based. Varying your design to form a broken grid layout by placing design elements in a more chaotic look gives a more creative design.

2. Custom Images

Custom images add character and uniqueness to the site and are going to become one of the most essential elements in the upcoming time that will help display a brand’s identity and make the whole experience memorable.

3. Oversized Lettering

Oversized lettering or bold typography is something that has been gaining a lot of popularity as simplicity is becoming an essential factor in web design. This has a lot of benefits, one of the major is that in a flash it draws attention to the business name, objective, and main web page. This attracts visitor attention and creates an easy recall factor.

4. Hidden Navigation

This is one element for minimalism which can be a major design trend for 2020. This saves up space but also gives explicit information. It makes for a very concise and clear design.

5. 3D Design

The usage of 3D elements ads a more realistic feel giving the web design a more engaging feel as it enhances the design interface.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many more aspects that can be added to this but for now, this is our top 5 list. Choose those that can reflect your brand personality to the fullest. If you can’t decide then let us help you.

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