Start of August, Instagram introduced it’s newest in-app feature called “Reels”, which seems to be in direct competition with the Chinese app TikTok, just as IGTV was introduced a couple of years ago to compete with YouTube, or as popular industry experts claimed it to be.

It isn’t surprising though, that the social media giant would dip its toes into something that has become a global phenomenon at this point. TikTok has quite literally taken the world by storm. Where it was thought to only target and attract the young audience, the application seems to be so simplistic with its functionality and entertaining enough that it attracts a wider audience of a very diverse age range.

The feature was introduced approximately a couple of months ago but it still hasn’t been made available in many regions including Pakistan. Currently, the audience here is only able to see the reels made and posted by people from other regions, which is why the feature will be a new one for all users in areas where it’s made available later than other geographic regions.

From a marketing point of view, this is not a small thing because slowly but steadily brands were getting used to the idea of using TikTok as a marketing tool or platform to promote their products. But now there’s more than one platform which means diverse content options for brands that are looking to make more and more engaging content to attract their audience.

As a digital marketing agency in Dubai and UAE, this is an important moment of note, just as any technological change and update in features and abilities of the most widely used digital marketing application or platform would be. Content creators now have more creative opportunities to make short engaging videos instead of having to make longer content for the IGTV option which has a minimum time range for videos. Apart from that duration option, IGTV is merely just an option to include longer videos, whereas Reels is an entirely different feature including different options such as:

  • Audio: Option to choose the audio for the video from the wide range of options from the Instagram music library
  • AR Effects: A wide effects option to choose from
  • Timer and Countdown: Hands-free option to record videos on timer with a countdown for ease of use
  • Alignment: Reels allows you to record multiple videos and compile them and the alignment option helps smooth out the transitions from one clip to another
  • Speed: Lastly, the speed option lets you pick and choose the speed of any of the video as you like

Regardless of how late it takes Instagram to make the feature available in all regions, as a digital marketing company in UAE, it is important to start assessing and preparing for a content strategy that includes using this feature for brands that get on board. Let’s hope we have the feature available in Pakistan soon enough so that the creators are able to take advantage of it.

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