The Coronavirus pandemic has upturned many institutions and aspects of our society this year, however shopping hasn’t been one of them. In fact, there have been more online purchases than ever before, with people stuck at home and in isolation for a good part of the year, there’s been more time spent online than ever before.


E-commerce sales have spiked due to shops closing permanently until further notice in many countries, and in others where shops are open, the visitors have thinned down to a small number. But how the decreased number of visitors inversely impact the sales is what’s interesting, and quite frankly a silver lining for brands worldwide. Global online sales are expected to cross $4.2 Trillion by the end of 2020, and some experts have even predicted it to do so before the year comes to an end.


There are many reasons behind this behavior of the consumers, and it doesn’t require brands to just sit down and wait to get lucky based on the statistics that present themselves in front of us. This statistics can very well be taken advantage of by the brands that have been looking for an opportunity to revive themselves out of a slump, a brand that does well already but can do well with taking advantage of the situation and a brand that is already planning to do so.


This is the time and opportunity to take up as soon as possible for a brand, especially since the holiday season is the most profitable one. What’s more, many shopping festivals have even been delayed because of the regulations imposed due to the pandemic, adding all of that will make for a long running season of holiday shopping for consumers.


Taking upon this opportunity as soon as possible would be a smart move because the onslaught of deliveries made due to online shopping can lead to logistical difficulties at the end of time. And consumers aren’t even waiting because early grabbing of products in sales while stock lasts is what keeps the orders coming in.


A creative advertising company in Dubai can help your brand get to the forefront of this holiday season fiasco, as the holiday season in Dubai and UAE is one of the biggest ones worldwide. Many brands have pre-prepared and started their work since the month of October, which shows how intense the competition is. But it’s still not too late to jump on the bandwagon, because this goes on till the year lasts.


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