With COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a global change on internet consumption, social media and search traffic. More and more time is being spent on streaming sites such as Netflix and online search for essential items and food items that deliver. Globally 22% increase has been seen on people spending time on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Which clearly indicates the extensive usage of the internet and social media. Overall, WhatsApp has visible a 40% boom in usage that grew from a preliminary 27% bump in the sooner days of the pandemic to 41% within the mid-phase. For countries already within the later section of the pandemic, WhatsApp utilization has jumped by way of 51%.

Out of a total of 9.4 million internet users in the UAE, there has been a 33% increase in internet usage. While Media consumption will probably rise by 60% in North Asia making it a great opportunity for businesses.  

During a March 2020 survey of social media users in the United States, 43.1 per cent of respondents said that if limited to their houses throughout the coronavirus, they could use Instagram more for the duration of that period. YouTube and Facebook had been additionally popular social structures that users were expected to grow their utilization in the course of bodily distancing at home.

Now question is, how can your social media marketing agencies in UAE boost social media activities?

Diversify your Content

According to Wordstream, over 80% of Twitter customers watch video content and nearly half of social media customers view up to an hour of video content on Facebook or YouTube daily.

Video is without a doubt king, and nowadays it is something that we are all able to create and proportion, even if we are just playing around locally.

Create better and more content for Youtube. Since people are quarantined home, YouTube viewership has seen a big surge, including all streaming sites. This is the right time to increase creating YouTube content (relevant videos), that will engage the audience.

The content would range from anything relating to:

  • Movies
  • businesses impact due to coronavirus
  • DIY videos
  • cleaning and care videos
  • cooking videos
  • fitness videos

Anything that would be found suitable to watch and implement at home. You can keep a watch on SEO insights to keep a track on trending topics on which you can create videos on. 

What to Avoid?

Currently, more traction is on buzz keywords relating to Coronavirus and more focus is on essential items whether it’s cooking, sanitary items etc. For example, a keyword is buzzing in the UK toilet papers near me.”

Targeting & Remarketing

As a marketer, you know that there are numerous tools out there to help you store time and even goal your social streams to the proper audiences. How is that achieved? How do you multiply the effects and enhance it?

On a basic level, Facebook ads deal with concentrated targeting for you by allowing you to set ad parameters. But as a social media marketing agency,  it’s your responsibility to understand your metrics so that you can punch in the most effective ones. 

This process usually takes a few trial and error, so if you are no longer feeling brilliant specialists in this area, it’s okay – preserve trying, testing, and tracking.

Use the Right Metrics

Part of your social media strategy needs to surely be about selecting the proper sort of metrics that can be most crucial so that you can track. Then, you can use these statistics correctly to tell your future strategy. It isn’t that easy, even for the ones who virtually like crunching the numbers.

Google Analytics is a good baseline for metrics measurement, however, tools like Crawlytics and BuzzSumo can help too.

There are multiple tools present out there, however, the key is to apply them to get the statistics after which interpret the records in exciting approaches to discover out exactly what your target audience is doing. The concept here is to move past the numbers and apprehend the story in the back of them.

Direct Social Media Handles for Enhanced Service & Engagement

Twitter may appear perplexing or even useless to some, however many brands are using it strategically to ramp up customer service initiatives and consistently hold fantastic relationships with their customers.

Xbox currently has a wonderful Twitter page completely devoted to assisting in which they function their hours and offer real-time data on updates, bugs, problems, and wait times.

Using client insights, quotes, and testimonials can go a long manner in the direction of establishing consider with a target market. Adobe Customer Care makes a speciality of creativity as they run their Twitter page, using it to share and speak artwork made by means of customers.

Find New Ways of Connecting

The nature of digital marketing inside the virtual sphere is distinctive than that of traditional advertising, and a massive part of this is that there is a big push for authenticity. Smart manufacturers take this idea to heart and deal with projects that allow clients to identify with their brand.

Look for new ways to reach your audience even if no one else is doing it.

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