It is no doubt that COVID-19 Pandemic and the drastic lockdown situation has hit out on cash coffers and revenue streams for many industries. There is a lot of cost-cutting going around and corporations are looking to cut down on budgets and optimizing costs.

There is a big debate going around about Digital Marketing- Should you or should you not?

Here are recommendations for your digital agencies in Dubai.

Continue with Content Marketing and SEO –  Now is the time to expand

Like paid search, many industries are seeing overall performance losses for “non-essential” items inside the organic channel because of a drop in average search demand of the topic

However, there still has been an increase in the total internet traffic. It’s key to understand each industry is impacted differently. Some have stable traffic, while others saw a major decline for instance – Newss and Health websites have seen increased traffic.

Unlike paid search/social, we recommend engaging more with your execution on SEO and content advertising and marketing efforts.

In reviewing over a dozen web sites whose natural overall performance has dropped, most have flat keyword rankings. Google Search Console also shows a significant drop in search impressions while rankings are staying the same. This clearly highlights that the issue is not with the search engine optimization, but rather a big gap in the search demand due to the pandemic.

If you opt to reduce spend in your SEO and content marketing efforts, you are putting your organic search engine rankings at risk. This is the right time to do SEO as an overall increase in the search traffic has been seen globally

Right now, it’s important to maintain – if not grow – your SEO campaign as a Digital marketing agency in Dubai.

Maximize Email Approach

Email is reasonably-priced and effective. Considering you can’t hinder search-demand; along with you potentially decreasing paid search/media. There is a high chance you may be capable of clawing back some scale with email campaigns. 

For some industries, it’s as easy as reminding customers that despite retail and parts stores being closed, they could still get all their needs met online.

Remember to take into account the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic and make certain your clients/clients that you rank in the top digital agencies in Dubai and you are right here to help. This isn’t the right time to promote or sell unique COVID-19 “deals.”

Email probably won’t make up for all the recent performance losses however brands that show value to their clients/customers can pay dividends when instances are more certain.

Should you reduce paid search and social media? Or get equipped for daily management

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, search demand is on all ever decline. If your organization’s products or services isn’t deemed a “crucial need” than you may need to recollect pulling back on your paid spend for products which are non-essential and increase spend on products which are essential.

Proceed with caution in case you recognize your product/provider isn’t a priority for your targeted consumers right now.

On the flip side, bids in lots of industries are lower than they’ve ever been. This is in all likelihood because of advertisers making fewer bids and slicing their budgets. But if your enterprise is selling products/offerings that are in demand at this crucial time then you must try to increase your spend on those products.

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