Link shorteners do what the latter means. A tool to shorten lengthy and long URLs and creating new shorter ones. Link shorteners were introduced to because electronic mail systems decades back would wrap an email after 80 characters, which broke lengthy URLs and rendered them unusable.

The eventual development of social media platforms made hyperlink shorteners all the greater popular as customers sought to conform to the character limits.

Over time, URL shorteners have tested themselves to be a valuable addition for advertising and social media marketing agencies, and for several reasons. First of all, most can help you customize your links so that they are not simply shorter, but better to look at. Links that might be cleaned up in this manner are normally seen as greater trustworthy (i.E., less spammy) than those with jumbles of random characters, so clients are more likely to click on them.

Some of the extra powerful hyperlink shorteners do greater than simply reduce man or woman counts, imparting additional equipment to song links, organize them with tags, and add custom scripts.

What is a URL shortener?

Creating enticing social media posts to proportion content material can drive traffic for your website. However, if you’re along with a lengthy, complex link in every post you create, you will be forfeiting clicks, shares, and engagement. 

Learning the advantages of a URL shortener allows you to achieve higher content advertising results.

The term “URL” is an abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator — also called a hyperlink or web deal with. A URL shortener is a tool that takes a full-length net link and compresses this net address right into a shorter URL.

Link shorteners aren’t new; they’ve been widely used for a couple of years. This equipment gained popularity amongst Twitter fans while the social community restricted tweets to just one hundred forty characters. 

Twitter’s hyperlink rules have on account that changed. Users can now tweet as much as 280 characters, and links are always counted as 23 characters. 

It would come as a surprise that content creators and social marketers use link shorteners on a daily basis to add them in their posts.  

Uses of a URL shortener

Distributing your content material on social media and different channels can help you drive site visitors for your internet site. Both WordPress.Com website proprietors and audience participants can benefit from the use of link shorteners before sharing content material on social media networks. These uses consist of the following:

Stronger engagement

Your target market is much more likely to interact with a shortened URL, in particular, if it’s recognizably associated with your brand. Shortened URLs can increase engagement via 39%, consistent with Rebrandly.


Chances are, your target market is used to seeing content material shared in the shape of shortened links. In fact, this exercise is so commonplace that they will notice in case you share a URL that hasn’t been compressed. 


It’s much easier to share a shorter hyperlink than a long, complex one. This especially buttons in scenarios where your target audience can’t physically click on your hyperlink or wherein you’re promoting your internet site one-to-one. If you’re giving a PowerPoint presentation or sharing a hyperlink without delay with a potential customer, a URL shortener can help you create a brief, memorable link that can be typed directly into a smartphone or internet browser.


One of the most critical advantages of a URL shortener is the ability to track clicks on every hyperlink you share. Depending on the provider you have the ability to compress links, you could see a breakdown of traffic by means of demographics, including gender or nation. You also can inform which of your social channels or posts are driving the maximum clicks.

Increased sharing

A shortened URL is easier for your readers to click, copy, and proportion in their own posts, which can help your content material advantage organic publicity on social networks.

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