Holiday season is almost upon us! While it may be the season of festivities, jingles and gifts for normal people but for a business, especially one with an up and running ecommerce platform, it is a season to take most advantage of by creating creative and engaging campaigns that lead to increased sales, loyalty among current customers and expansion towards a wider customer base.


With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah, falling one after another, the last quarter of a year is very important for all businesses in terms of pre-planning and preparations. If you are amongst the good number of folks and haven’t prepared for any of the above-mentioned events, regardless of your business size, this guide is going to help you prepare for it step-by-step.


Fasten up your seat belts because it’s going to need you to go fast.


  • Plan out the entire process:

Planning, before preparing, is really the key to a well-carried out campaign, and it’s not too late for yours. Whenever you look at agencies and firms such as a marketing plan carried out by Google Ads company in Dubai, it will showcase how long the agency has prepared and planned for this thing. The research and work put into it translates into how well it’s executed.


  • Genuine engaging content that customers feel they can relate to:

Creating shareable content that can be responded to and engaged with makes all the difference in this time where social media shares can really set something to sail. This coming from a user generated path makes it even more effective because consumers believe other individuals that are more like them rather than brands themselves.


  • Content driven strategy:

Traditional sales, boosts and promos are something the users are used to, making content that focuses around your product makes it interesting and enticing for the consumers. For creative strategies, a Google Ads company in UAE might be an extremely good option for your company. Companies that provide a well-rounded digital strategy such as Point Blanc Media, that is also a Google Ads agency in Dubai, providing service all around UAE.


  • Holiday cheer to your online presence:

Adding a dash of holiday and festive look to your online presence makes it look close and affectionate, along with sending personalized holiday greetings to the customers, just as on birthdays, sending a wish makes them feel personally connected to the brand.


  • Open to changes and adaptation:

Lastly, a strategy is never well-rounded unless there are last (last-last-last) minute changes that are necessary to make in order to shape your campaign better according to the response you’re getting, feedback you acquire and any other reasons too. It’s not a bad thing if your campaign doesn’t look exactly the way you planned it, after you execute it. It does not negate the importance of either the planning step or the adaptation, because both are necessary to make the most of your chances.

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