In 2020 with the start of a new decade, the strategies utilized by traditional marketing agencies
so far may not have the initial impact you’d been hoping for. With electronic mail constantly
changing and adapting, you want to strive closer to creating the fine experience in your

What better manner to do so, than implementing the contemporary email advertising trends in
your email campaigns.

Switch to 3D Pictures – Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

Currently, images are a core detail of any email, however, setting them on the header doesn’t
make it a very good one. If you sense like you might want to refresh your electronic mail layout,
maybe it’s time to switch from 2D to 3-D and deliver your emails through a completely new

The 3-D pictures can raise your email, showing your services or products in a completely
different manner with greater life and depth. They can assist, convey your merchandise to
existence and create an exciting composition. You can use them to highlight an important part
of your email as they surely stand out.

APNG for innovative Animations

Currently, if you want your email layout to excite your audience, you can use looped animations
like GIFs. This famous format doesn’t weigh plenty and it’s all the rage mainly with more
youthful subscribers. But, what would you assert if I told you that there is something even higher

APNG is an extension of the PNG format that supports animations

It’s higher in quality and comparable in report size ensuing in seamless portraits on your e-mail
campaign. The most effective disadvantage is that as of now, Gmail App and Gmail Desktop
don’t aid it. Instead, they display the first frame of the APNG report (that’s still higher than no
longer see the image at all).

Include Dark Designs

The dark design is taking email via storm. More and greater humans have decided to exchange
their app settings to dramatically alternate the look. It’s tested to be better for late-night net
scrolling and for users affected by photophobia, keratoconus or comparable conditions. It also
can help you focus greater and store your battery’s lifestyles.

Aside from that, the dark mode can look cleaner and less busy. It might be that we, as
recipients, were given so used to seeing emails as they commonly are, but dark designs just
seem extra attractive and pleasing than the conventional ones.

Use Creative typography

Typography is a unique shape of artwork that uses the phrases that we want to spread around
as a foundation for the artwork itself. Email is now not a set of phrases with a pleasant picture
attached to it so that it will appeal to attention. Words themselves end up the images, so the
reader is attracted without delay to the detail that we want to reveal to him.

Even with a few rendering difficulties, using web fonts is a very not unusual practice. But in
2020, we are seeing an evolution of cutting-edge typography. It’s not most effective going to be

quite lettering however a centrepiece of email, combining animation, shapes and along with it

into email photos.

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