Video has become the fastest way to hook up with consumers, viewers, and followers. Between
the automated video-playback on most social media profile feeds the number of global
consumers who prefer videos rather than textual images. Video advertising method can provide
one of the highest ROIs for any brand’s digital marketing strategy.

But establishing a video advertising and marketing strategy can sound intimidating – particularly
for a startup. Sure video can make an effect while you invest a lot of money into marketing but
fortunately, video marketing doesn’t have to break the bank. Although today’s viewers expect an
awesome level of quality, a small investment of money and time can result in the next viral

Video Marketing Stats

Video is an effective content medium for storytelling. It will have a big impact on the fulfilment of
your promotional campaigns and content marketing efforts.

It also serves as an effective way to connect with people and build extra fulfilling and deeper
relationships between you and your target audience.

To prove the truth that video plays an important part of your content marketing approach, here
are a few key statistics:

● You would be surprised but video content was accounted for 80% of the entire consumer internet traffic data which shows the power of video content.

● If compared, videos on social media create more than 1200% shares in 2016 as
opposed to images and written texts altogether.

● More than 87% of marketers use video content Steps to Develop a Video Marketing Strategy on a Small Budget


Steps to Develop a Video Marketing Strategy on a Small Budget

Understand the Purpose of your video marketing strategy

A video marketing campaign is going to fail if its sole objective is to “sell extra widgets”. Though
that can be the main aim, however, in case, you incorporate an excessive amount of self-
promotional content material to your marketing method, it is going to be perceived as spammy
and move unnoticed.

The aim of your video marketing approach or any others should be to grab attention through
educating material, entertainment content, and motivate your viewers – this is the content that
receives extra likes and shares.

In short, to decide the purpose of your video marketing method make sure to:

● Know who your goal audience.

● Understand what makes them share, like, and buy.

● Create content that you know they want or will appreciate.

   ● Determine what topics and formats to include in your video content Should your videos be “how-to’s”,

brand stories, narratives? The intention is to provide
something that your visitors will admire and feel the need to share.

Meanwhile, what subjects will you discuss? The more relevancy they will have towards your
brand, the better.

Try researching and experimenting to determine the possible topics and trends to your niche –
and don’t be afraid to borrow ideas from people who have already been successful or good at it.
Some of the greatest advertising and marketing campaigns have been those that took an
approach from an unrelated enterprise and included it into their market.

   ● Decide who will develop your video content

You or your employees can create engaging videos themselves. If you intend to develop videos
regularly then with a low budget, this can be a viable choice for you. However, if you do this you
still need to ensure that the videos are of great quality even though you will create them as

Spend some time researching how to create outstanding video and don’t forget taking a course
that can give you additional insights.

You can work with a Video marketing agency to create videos but at the moment this route is
extra expensive, and you may often end up spending a lot of money for a single simple video.
However, the result would be professional, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking to create
a standalone single, impactful video (or when you have a big marketing budget), working with
professionals is definitely a useful option.

When deciding the fast way to increase your videos, consider understanding your buyer
persona, your budget, time on hand, and your creativity. By reviewing these elements you have
to be able to determine which alternative will be the most essential for your brand.

If you’re legitimately serious to initiate video marketing, the first lesson would be is to begin
recording! Yes, you need to apprehend the fundamentals of video advertising and marketing,
however, there’s no better manner to examine than from doing.

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