The holy month of Ramadan started 2 weeks ago within the UAE, which is a time for followers
to mirror the existence and exercise self-discipline. The usage of social media and person
behavior adjustments significantly rise at some stage in this holy month. Keep studying to find
out how to effectively you can manipulate social media pages and content to maintain site
visitors and followers.

With a consistent boom in Facebook use, emiratis in the Middle East spend close to double the
hours on Facebook at some point of Ramadan and watch excessive YouTube than in some
other time of the year, making the holy month, not the average but the maximum usage for
Muslims but also the prime time of marketers.

Social Media Marketing Agencies in UAE

Inspire the Audience with a Social media Marketing Agency

Ramadan is understood for not being the simplest event in religious attribution but additionally
socially, as it encourages human beings to donate to charity and buy gifts for buddies and
family. Therefore, there may be a growth in spending at some point in the holy month,
particularly through the last few days of Ramadan.

Therefore, it’s far vital to inspire customers with your products or services through sponsored
commercials, increasing logo cognizance, and reach. The exceptional time for posting
advertisements could be between the hours of 12 am and 5 am when clients are maximum
active on social media.

This is a few hours to post Suhoor and pre Suhoor.

Peak timing and Post Strategy

Ramadan is the right time of the 12 months when emiratis are on their phones browsing the web
and checking their social media feeds more than often. Brands that connect themselves to the
holy month with the aid of sharing themes, facts, and values are much more likely to engage
readers and draw site visitors. The quantity of communication of approximately Ramadan
reports is additionally growing significantly every year.

During the month of Ramadan in 2017, using Facebook increased with the aid of 5% whilst the
average user viewing length on YouTube videos increased by 11%. Comments on posts
improved massively by 57% which is a lot.

These increments are maximum likely because of shorter work and faculty hours, consequently
having more time to network and also due to the fact of work from home. During Ramadan,
human beings spend 30-40% of their time on phones.

This offers digital entrepreneurs an outstanding possibility to replan their marketing techniques
in order to efficaciously interact with both existing and potential clients.

A small survey conducted by Facebook confirmed the maximum usage and interaction changed
into taking area at night, with the peak time being 3 am.

Create Engaging Hooking Content

During this holy month, it’s highly essential to put up Ramadan-associated content material on
social media platforms, in conjunction with trending hashtags in order that visitors can easily find
relative content material. Creating particular content associated with Ramadan can help with the
brand recollection and brand recall.

Ramadan already comes with its own guidelines and themes, so with the aid of finding one
theme to relate to your brands, along with charity, family, or entertainment, your emblem

fairness can increase. Then, creating a Ramadan campaign can assist with brand exposure and

Not simplest do clients trade their tone, but so do brands. Brands commonly lean in the direction
of an extra conversational tone as this encourages clients to sign up for in on conversations,
enticing with the brand and its theme.

An online social media campaign can be high-priced around this time, therefore organic
advertising is an outstanding opportunity for promoting your content material. Facebook is a
platform perfectly in shape for teasers and trailers for ad campaigns, whereas YouTube is ideal
for accessing the total advertisement/marketing campaign.
Also, SEO has to be incorporated to get those keywords in place for long term recall and
Google rankings.

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