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Website design: How to make a lasting impression

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Web design is not just the composition of graphics, colors, and layout, in digital marketing terms it is much
more important and essential to maintain the company’s image in the digital forte. In every aspect of the
marketing strategy, having a website that is unique and on-brand immediately sets you apart from others
in the competitor’s realm.

Having a well maintained and updated website is as good as the good quality of the product now because
it is what brings the customers while they are searching or inquiring about your product or service online.
Setting up your website involves optimizing on all fronts possible, i.e. to provide as much content that you
can provide to attract the maximum number of visitors. Finding a good website designer in Dubai is not
that difficult, but this side of marketing and business is still a niche to the middle eastern market, with
potential for growth everyday. Any website designer in Abu Dhabi or even a website designer in UAE
would be able to develop a decent enough website, but to understand the brand persona is the work of a
professional, working with branding and management of brand awareness and image.

As one of the leading digital agency, Point Blanc Media holds expertise in this matter, and could be your
potential choice for best website designer in Abu Dhabi. As for services in Dubai, Point Blanc provides it’s
expert services to all cities of UAE and Pakistan, so need to look further for the best website designer in

Google has provided a number of searches that take place on its search engine every second, every day,
and the number is astonishing. According to Internet Live Stats, there are about 3.5 billion searches
google processes per day. This is an average of total searches, but it gives us an idea about the traffic
that a search engine pulls. About more than half of these searches are for product or service queries, that
audience looks up for online. There is a very wide range of numbers that accumulates to people
searching and browsing for products before they actually buy them. This is crucial, because this explains
how your website can play a huge part in pulling a customer towards the brand or in a bad case, pushing
them away by a small misstep.

To summarise on choosing a good web design that would uplift the company and its product is an integral
digital marketing function for the company’s benefits. So much so that even home owned small
businesses have their website developed on wordpress or shopify etc. if going towards outsourcing the
function, then making the right choice is just as important, which is why we provide the first consultation
free of cost, so that clients can understand the kind of services they would be acquiring for their business

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