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Best SEO techniques to increase organic website traffic

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There might be tons of SEO experts out there that claim to understand and provide professional
SEO services against your requirements, but understanding in-depth know-how of SEO is very
integral to a business. Whether you are an individual SEO expert or an agency, knowing the
search engine analytics is the basic starter phase of understanding the google search result

About 40,000 average search queries are made on google every second of the day. This shows
how much traffic an appropriate and consistent SEO strategy can bring to a website, as a result
to the product or service you are trying to sell or bring attention to. SEO marketing is a
consequence of search results, which is why these above statistics matter so much. Having a
sound SEO plan in action could be highly favorable to the company.

This is where Point Blanc Media could be of huge help, as it not only provides one of the best
SEO services in Pakistan but is also considered one of the best SEO company in Dubai. Apart
from a varied list of clients served by us, we are a constantly growing company that has some of
the best industry professionals working for us as employees, providing a fresh and new outlook
to our clients’ requirements, bringing their creative energies to use. Having an experienced
employee working on such tasks is good but for continually improved results, we provide
consistent training to our staff that brings them ahead of the game in the digital marketing arena,
which is why we are known for providing the best digital marketing and SEO services in Karachi.

Considering the overall similarities of the south-asian and middle east market, we are able to
provide a much more nuanced service than an average marketing agency. Being one of the
best SEO agency in Dubai, Point Blanc possesses the expertise and experience with Middle-
eastern clients, that gave our company the head-start into this particular geography’s audience.
Other SEO services in Dubai might not be that bad but having catered to clients belonging to
this region before has put us above any other SEO company in Dubai. We provide the first
consultation for free to give clients an idea about the kind of services we would be able to
provide, thus matching their expectations before things are finalized. This is to maximize the
customer experience of clients from our end, and to bring both expectations and offerings on the
same page.


To give you an idea about the workings of how we run a successful SEO strategy, following are
some of the key SEO techniques that we use to bring organic traffic through google page
ranking system:

● Having a fully optimized website is a must. By this we mean a website that is user
friendly on all platforms that it could be used on. We do not have any idea where our
next click might be coming from, and most of the browsing these days is done through
smartphones, thus having a mobile phone friendly website is essential.
● Being constantly updated about new and upcoming trends on google analytics. Google
is a search engine that works through getting data from its users, and providing it to
those that need it, which is a constantly changing phenomenon. Thus being aware and
consistently on your toes about this is key.
● Using all possible methods to spread the website link, including using platforms such as
Quora could be very vital. Quora also provides insight upon what kind of sub-topics are
being discussed and inquired about, within your realm of business. This helps you
choose your next SEO blog topic, because if a few people on Quora are wondering
about that topic, chances are there are many more out there with a similar type of query
that you can target using your keywords.
● Lastly having a recurring website audit about what is working with the audience in your
SEO strategy and vice versa. Google again has several platforms for this purpose such
as Ubersuggest etc.

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