Using digital marketing can help you reach an enormous audience, for this reason, it is often considered a crucial component of a business unit, where some may even go as far as to say that it is the most important facet of driving business growth. The arguments that prove to be in favor of Digital Marketing being more important than traditional aspects of marketing at this time are innumerable. There are many different fractions of digital marketing that gained popularity through time, for one reason or another. Similarly, this particular era seems to have acquired a significant prevalence over others this year. Let’s have a look at the top ones:

  • Performance Marketing has gained increased popularity through different means. This is based on the inherent working of this type of marketing which is very strategic and ROI-based. It is not restricted to just aiding sales but also closing a lead, getting a download or registration for an event and/or service, or whatever the desired result of the seller is. This type of marketing is getting all the appreciation it deserves because of its ability to help brands get the exposure they need. And is more result and performance oriented. Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and Influencer Marketing are a few types of performance-based marketing.
  • Marketing within the search engine parameter has expanded well past the previous competition. Although the profit margins against the advertising cost were already pretty thin, this added with the uncertain consumer behavior is not panning out well for Google Ads as the primary source of search engine marketing. This has sparked interest in the PPC advertising region, which remains a viable way to market online despite the pandemic and economic downturn.
  • Website Design saw many trends coming and going from full-page headers, minimalist moods, to negative space making a comeback, remodeled scrolling, increased focus on UX/UI design, use of colors with purpose i.e. Pastels for general information and Bold/Bright ones for CTA, etc. and use of customized illustrations to highlight something on the website.
  • With the rise of AI and tech-based innovations, SEO has come a long way. UX Experience has center stage in the future of SEO based visits to a company’s page. An effective user experience is expected to become one of the top contributing factors to search engine ranking. Moving on, Semantic Search is also gaining traction, thus making it important for SEO specialists to factor it in.
  • Modifications and updates in social media have been the primal source of digital marketing impact. What kind of audience is attracted on which platform contributes to what kind of content is best marketed on a specific social media platform. Such is the importance of understanding why Facebook’s audience has significantly shifted to people older in age and other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram are where the younger audience is most likely to spend their time.

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