2020 has been the year of absolute chaos for not just one person but the whole world, from families and government institutions to corporates and financial institutions. What has been keeping it above the water is how fast people and organisations are accepting and adapting to the change required and implementing the new way of doing things. There is barely an aspect of the society that hasn’t been affected, either positively or negatively by this pandemic, the peculiarities are vast and unmatched, from anything that has occurred ever before.
We spent a good part of the year isolating ourselves in our homes, cutting off physical aspects of socialising, and depended on zoom and other video call applications to get in touch with each other. Months passed like this, and now we are finally at the start of the holiday season. To say that it’s going to be one of the most peculiar ones to date would not be exaggerating it.
The actual essence of this time is to prepare for the holidays and once they arrive, celebrations are to go in full swing, from families reuniting, to houses lit up, meals prepped, and gifts packed. As we register and come to terms with how this holiday season is bound to be different from others, we must also take account of what it means for businesses.
Black Friday is less than a week away from us and a lot is different from the usuals. Brands have adapted, got their creative juices flowing, came up with campaigns and plans that go according to today’s climate, and made some tough decisions to take everything going on into account. Let us look at what’s different for brands:

• You’re not seeing ransacked stores this holiday season because everybody is at home and the real shopping is going online. The pandemic has already increased the ecommerce ratio of the total sales and purchases made, but Black Friday is going to make that ratio go through the roof.
• Since ordering online and getting your products delivered at your home is not as fast and direct as shopping from a store, many brands have already started their Black Friday sales since the month of November started, to last until the end of the month. This would help ease out the process of ordering, dispatching, and delivering to the customer throughout a month instead of a choked logistics function within just one week.
• Big corporate names such as Walmart, Macy’s among others took the tough decision to close down stores during thanksgiving in order to keep their employees safe, as retailers have faced a severe threat of contagion while working during such a dangerous time.
• Even the stores that have decided to open stores in-order to maintain in-person customer presence are placing strict precautionary measures in place to make the experience safe for customers and the store staff. This policy has been favorable for the companies too as customers are more likely to visit places that have good precautionary measures in place.
Despite the unprecedented nature of everything, some firms are still starting their Black Friday campaigns now, if you are one of them, then you are definitely going to require help in order to carry out the campaign this fast. Social Media marketing agency in UAE such as Point Blanc Media can assist you with how to make the most of this situation that you can.

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