Layman’s guide to appointing an SEO Agency in Dubai


Search Engine visibility is important to build traffic to your website, to increase brand awareness and to boost revenue. If your business is not showing on the first page of search rankings on Google, you may be losing out on prospect customers.

To be honest, SEO is fairly technical; but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the time and technical expertise to execute it. You can still hire the best seo agency in Dubai to make your life easy. Not only is it cost effective but will also boost your ROI on marketing spend.

Dubai has 100s of these agencies. So how do you choose the one which makes the best fit for your business.
Here are 7 important factors to consider when hiring an SEO agency/Consultant:

1. Clientele – List of current and former clients.

If its a reputable seo firm, it will not have any qualms sharing their clientele list and their contact information. It is always a good idea to do a reference check on former or current clients. While the client might not be able to divulge specific analytics, but will be able to give you an idea of how it was like working with the agency, did it have a positive impact on their rankings, and conversions.

2.   Way – Ahead- Strategic Road Map

Always ask for the strategic plan and the way forward if the SEO agency comes on board.How will they improve your rankings? What will be the game plan? What will be the different phases? And what will be the KPIs at each phase.  What will be the on page and off-page strategy .Steer clear of agencies who don’t give a strategy and shove a price down your throat. With Point Blanc Media, you can get your Free SEO Audit, Consultation and a Keyword report. Schedule your free consultation now.

3. Web- Master Guidelines

Google does 100s of updates a year! Honesty 100s!  Now you do want an agency which strictly adheres to webmaster’s best practices. Spammy content, bogus links,  Black Hat techniques would do nothing but could lead to low search rankings & eventual ban from Google.

4 . Local Search Results

If you are a small business looking to attract nearby customers, then appearing on local search engine results should be a priority. You would require your business to be optimized for “Local SEO”.  To achieve this your SEO agency should add your business’s city and state in your tags and meta descriptions; They should also list you on local listings which are online directories catering to specific geographical area.

5. Key Performance Indicators

How will you measure the success of all SEO Efforts? Some important KPIs to consider include increase in organic traffic, % age share of organic traffic, keyword rankings. A reputable SEO agency will give you above metrics via data extracted from Google Analytics and Web Master tools.

6. Communication

It’s very important to chalk out how many meetings would be held each month and on what days? Start of the month or end of the month? Who will be the point of contact? What will be the weekly communication like. What reports will be shared. And how will the activity be tracked and how often?

7. Payment terms and Contract

Different seo agencies work on different payment models in Dubai. Some of the more common ones include project based contracts and retainers. Average cost of a retainer agency is between AED 3000 – 5000 depending on scope of work.  Average cost of project based start from AED 8000. See which mode suits you and your budget and work your way around it.

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