Graphic Designing Culture in Dubai; An Overview

Design is an important part of our lives. The Middle East has always been lucky in that it adds this unique flavor to the graphic design world. The originality of this region is reflected in the combination of creative arts and graphic designs produced here and brings in a very enriched outlook.

There is a certain flair that is required in terms of creativity and innovation in design to make it more than just ordinary. Dubai has in the past decade or so motivated designers from all over the world to bring in their best and participate in its sense of style, contributing to its uniqueness.

With the UAE Vision 2021 by H. H. Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, the bar for innovation and excellence has gone much higher, as the frameworks of future design and development are asked to advance with the addition of sustainability as well. This is a direction that is necessary for the future and essential for today, it adds a sophistication which many companies in Dubai are now motivated to add to all design-related work they produce. This has brought about a radical change in this industry and along with the Dubai Design Week, given a boost to the already flourishing industry.

Graphic Designing in the digital world is mostly a visual way of communicating and problem-solving. With the use of different mediums such as corporate design, editorial design, environmental design, packaging, environmental design and signage, graphic design employs different techniques using typography, colors, space and image to bring about a visual feast.

What is Point Blanc Media doing?

A team of superb designers, communicators, the work we do here at Point Blanc keeps us at the forefront of graphic design. We produce essential pieces of design as part of our various campaigns and bring in not only creativity and innovation to our designs but add a certain panache that keeps our clients happy. If you are still wondering about where to go and what to do, let’s connect and discuss your ideas.

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