Content does more than just filling up your web pages. It helps to create great brand awareness, build confidence and drive traffic to your website where your products and services are listed. It plays a major role in making an impact on the consumers. Let’s find out how!

For extremely engaging content, you should invest heavily in making your products stand out and speak for itself with eye-catching visuals by hiring professional help. If Facebook or Instagram is your storefront, make it look good. Get connected with photographers and creators for trendy photographs to create interactive facebook posts.

You have to constantly keep a check on what your audience wants. Get to know what the customers are looking for and adapt to new content ideas. By asking questions and keeping an eye on the comments of your ads, you can derive great insights.

The message of your brand should be clear. Make it a rule to add images to every post if you’re marketing your brand on social. To generate new leads and build a credibility factor for your brand, share testimonials and customer reviews.

Always keep an eye for the latest visual trends to produce impactful content which would attract customers. Ensure that you use a great balance of most popular and semi popular hashtags to increase your organic reach.

One of the fastest ways to grow your audience and get engagement is through running social media contests. Here are the three that work:

  • Like, comment and share: The customers like your post and share with their friends to enter the contest.
  • Tagging friends: The more friends your audience tags, the more entries they get.
  • User-generated content: The customers create posts according to a theme that you set and tag your business to join.

Another way to spark engagement is by using quotes from famous and well-known influencers in your blogs and giving credit to them. You can also connect with your audience by engaging in current events. Events that your audience cares about and follows in particular.

While we are talking about engaging content, let’s address the most important question! Do you give enough time to your facebook and instagram stories? If not, start doing that. According to a recent survey, over 500 million people said they watch Instagram stories everyday and 62% of the consumers said they discover new products or brands through stories, therefore you surely cannot miss this.

Since emails and social media work hand in hand, keep your subscribed database aware of what your social media is promoting so there’s consistency across all platforms. One great way to use them together is to add social media buttons to your newsletters or emailers.

Connect with a digital marketing agency today who can create impactful and engaging content for you to make your business reach new heights.

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