The holidays are here and you are all getting ready to launch your holiday digital marketing strategy with zeal and zest. As you continue your research, here we have shortlisted a few holiday marketing tips from the industry giants for you to check out. Get to know about productivity tips, efficient posting schedules, amazing Facebook ads and much more of the culture. 

Jill Rosenberg – Idea Central’s The Creative Strategist:

The calendar can be used for so much more than just scheduling the posts. You should mark all the holidays at the beginning of the year and include a wide range of demographics, religions and national and international holidays in the calendar. You should also schedule throwback posts and other posts that are expected from your own brand cycle. Fill out the content and review it beforehand so that you have content ready for when the time comes. 

Peg Fitzpatrick – LinkedIn’s former Visibility Strategist + content manager:

Have a holiday hashtag list that can break the bank. Shoppers should be able to find you with customized and preplanned hashtags that you place on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Pinterest hashtags are a new thing but they are also pretty effective in getting successful attention. Also, google the hashtags that are being commonly used in your niche and add them as well. The common hashtags will take your brand strategy to the exclusive hashtags that will strengthen your brand identity. 

Shane Barker – Renown Digital Consultant:

The holiday season is the best time to launch new products, increase you opt- on the list, strengthen your brand’s reach and identity and increase your sales. You can have an amazing revenue increase with a well-developed email marketing campaign that focuses on launching your products. Make sure that you segment your audience and personalize your messages according to each segment though. People tend to read emails carefully when they are home!

Sarah Boyd – SIMPLY’s Founder:

Simple catchy and direct, the motto of the modern marketer. Always remember the power of influencers and engage good influencers with your social media marketing and holiday season campaigns. Simply has utilized some amazing influencers in their holiday season to get the results that they wanted. 

Irina Weber – SE Ranking’s Brand Manager:

The remarketing campaigns should always come out in the holidays. The remarketing campaigns need people’s attention and as the people are available, at home and shopping, this can be to their benefit. You should focus your strategy on the users who are focused on the holiday pages and cater to their location, product range of interest and various other factors. 

Chris Palamidis – MindShare’s Head of Social Media & Google Ads:

 Visuals are the key to a good marketing strategy on holidays. The whole world is going to bring out colors and splash so you have to bring your A-game as well. 

Simple but effective tips by the best in the market. Best of luck with your campaigns this year. Have a very Happy Holiday season.

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