We all know that TikTok has been the talk of the town for sometime now. In three words, it’s all about real short videos. This application is taking over the digital world by storm and all the marketers must take note of that. When we think of it, what comes to our mind is encouraging creativity, excitement, embracing self-expression and bringing a touch of joy in everyday life.

These are the reasons why people love to share their personal style and make the platform a nice fit for fashion. For the shoppers, it’s like a playground of innovative ideas. These fun short videos are actually a format that gives the buyers a sense of style. It’s a greeting place where the excitement of discovery doesn’t end, and where looks can go viral on social media in a heartbeat. Be it high-fashion or low-fashion, this platform is where new trends are being born.

The reasons why fashion brands need Tiktok in Dubai, is the purchase behavior of the consumers, driven by similar factors and motivations, which are as following:

  • These FashionTok fans don’t prefer to wait a lot when it comes to shopping online. WhenIf they want it, they want it now. They want buttons that are easy to find as well as inclined towards a live chat support. They crave for immediate satisfaction by the customer support service.
  • These tiktokers love when they are treated like VIPs and exclusive customers. They expect to be given special perks that develop a sense of being special in the name of brand loyalty.
  • These users maintain an always-on strategy to interact with digital natives, which is a secret to win their hearts. Fashion has a fast pace and style keeps evolving. The most renowned brands are always ready to give new inspiration every time a Tiktoker picks up their phone.

The UAE ranks 11th globally in number of TikTok influencers, with an average of 380 videos uploaded each onto their feeds, which is why today it is important for businesses to stay active on tiktok in UAE.

When it comes to advertising, consumers are overwhelmed with the volume of ads on digital platforms. However, TikTok users indicated a willingness to click on an ad with a higher intent to purchase, with 66% of users in KSA, 65% in UAE and 68% in Egypt saying that an ad has persuaded them to proceed with a purchase, compared to users on other channels KSA (48%), UAE and Egypt (51%).

They stay updated with the on-going and latest trends and are always thrilled to try new shopping brands. There are some latest figures from analytics which have been tracking Tiktok’s growth in the GCC throughout this year, show that the influencers are enjoying phenomenal fan growth, with a number of top content creators from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates increasing their fanbase by a million or more between February and August.

They include influencers such as UAE-based Sarahh Miladd (@sarahhmiladd) who has seen her fanbase surge from 4 million in February to 6.6 million as of mid-August with an average of 126,000 hearts and 2,000 comments per video.

Beauty industry mogul Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) is one of the few celebrities or influencers who has successfully crossed over, ranking among the top UAE-based TikTok influencers with 2.1 million followers although this pales in comparison to her 47 million Instagram followers.

In an online shopping store, tiktokers are looking for transparency, similar values, inspiration, incentives, perks and convenience. As a TikTok shopping brand, it is important to always be ahead of the game. The creativity that fuels the business can make huge waves on TikTok, where every video has the potential to go viral. Connect with a digital marketing agency in Dubai today and stay updated about TikTok’s latest trends in UAE to help your business reach new heights.

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