Let me tell you a little secret – if you’re looking for B2B lead generation strategies, there’s no magic bullet! There is no particular button that you can press. But you already knew that. You must have read a lot of articles, giving you a handful of information that you can try. Well, you shall find a list here too, but we want to try and put some context before diving into the list.

So what exactly is lead generation? It’s not just getting a client onboard. It’s capturing the attention of your leads, getting the grip of their problem and providing services that will lead to a solution for them. Generating leads is like the lifeblood of a good B2B marketing strategy so it’s essential to create an avenue that maintains a slow but steady growth rate.

There is one interesting fact about B2B lead generation, which is less is more. All the top 10% performers focus on the strategies with a lower number of leads, but a higher purchase intent. Looking for ultra-qualified leads isn’t an easy process for any business.

First things first, let’s jump into the most important and effective lead generation strategies in B2B digital marketing:

    • Content Marketing
      For companies, this is one of the key options in digital marketing as they can share eye-catching content i.e. videos, articles, blogs etc. with potential leads to get them interested. Before kickstarting your content marketing, it is important to do a detailed research to understand the kind of language you should use, the content your clients would enjoy, whom they follow etc. to make it work.
    • LinkedIn
      Social media lets you fine-tune the whole process as it allows a better targeted approach. 62% of marketers believe that social networks like LinkedIn are proven to be effective in generating leads. LinkedIn helps the businesses and brands to engage with potential customers as a platform.
    • Facebook
      Nowadays, it’s very rare if someone doesn’t have a Facebook account. Advertisements placed on it are highly targeted because one can set up the location, gender, age, and many other interests. You can generate lots of leads through social media but it is not easy and takes a thoughtful and calculated strategy. According to the most recent statistics, almost 79% of the UAE’s population has profiled on Facebook.
    • SEO
      Search engine optimization is all about increasing website views organically so that more potential leads could find your website. With SEO, you can get leads faster provided your SEO strategy is on point and more importantly, without putting any cost. You should also have a strong content marketing strategy to generate better results from SEO.
    • Viral marketing
      Often underlooked, viral marketing is what creates the buzz! If your content is great and reaching the right people it is bound to get viral. Other tactics to improve virality of content is to get your existing clientele and friend circle to share the content and make it viral.
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    • FOMO
      FOMO – Fear of missing out, a terminology used by millennials but also one of the best tactics to generate leads and increase your conversion rate. The results might actually surprise you! 59% said they would be interested in pursuing the company when they thought it had an early offer. But, that number jumped to 90% when the offer ended. So always create a sense of urgency and voice out what people are missing out on!
    • Twitter
      Twitter offers a great opportunity for B2B enterprises to make announcements, share information, and interact with their customers in real-time. By tweeting in Arabic, local brands in the MENA region of UAE can further increase their engagement in the Arabic-speaking communities.

If you want to connect with customers in the UAE, you definitely need to have a strong digital presence. Almost 90% of the country’s internet users have an active account on Facebook. And it isn’t the only platform out there, either – Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat are also very popular. Connect with lead generation companies to get hands on more and more leads.

If you’re a B2B lead generation marketer in UAE, here are some of the social media tips to have a kick-start:

  • Identify the platforms your customers are likely to be on, both during and outside of work.
  • Create engaging content that your potential customers are likely to find useful and make sure you use the targeting capabilities on social media platforms to effectively market your content to these specific users.
  • Use marketing automation tools to help you create blogs, landing pages, generate and nurture leads for your business.
  • Share your knowledge and present your business as a genuine thought-leader within your industry.

Before launching on digital media in the UAE, make sure your strategy adheres to the government’s regulations. All the lead generation companies in UAE must respect Islamic values.

Generating leads through social media in the UAE is a great opportunity for your brand. It’s hugely popular and represents a great way for brands to connect with customers. So connect with one of the best lead generation companies in Dubai to make a headway in the market.

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