Facebook garnered immense popularity as an app and a social media platform for different reasons. Currently, it is among the most popular social apps that are used for digital marketing. A large part of Facebook’s earnings come from ad spend from businesses. According to Facebook itself, there are approximately more than 9 million businesses that are currently advertising through Facebook. This can be elaborated by focusing on the growing number of digital agencies that are focusing on Facebook advertising as the core of their digital strategy.


Facebook marketing requires a thorough glance by someone with an analytical eye and a sense of learning, who stays up to date with the new changes and smallest updates in the digital marketing landscape in order to translate the effects of those changes within its digital strategy. With regards to Facebook ads, there are a few specific details that are essential to gain the traction you need, while crafting your Facebook ad plan. Let’s have a look at the top ones that you can implement to ensure maximum return on your ad spend:


  • A more casual tone and grammar can really help elevate your content with younger audiences, as Facebook is a casual app in its essence. If you focus on the way younger people talk to each other, it gives you an insight on how to customize your content according to your target audience.
  • Stop fixating on using high quality, professionally shot content. Consumers don’t care about whether the pictures you’ve used are in high resolution, with a professionally put together concept in Ads. The more convincing you make your content, the more liked it is by customers.
  • Make sure you don’t steer too far away from your organic feed and visuals, with your Ad campaign. This is to bring some sort of natural tone to your Ads. Often people scroll past an ad as soon as they realize that it’s a paid ad, making your content more in tune with the feed makes customers more prone to stopping and reading the post.
  • There is no magical word count or copy size that makes ads work best. It depends entirely upon your brand and what works for your audience to nail down the perfect copy length. The smart thing to do would be to test out different copy lengths and analyze what works best before finalizing your personal brand formula for the ads.


As a creative Facebook advertising agency, Point Blanc Media takes note of these things according to each client’s preferences. As a business owner, you should also try to weigh in your options and try different things before finalizing your strategy, be it regarding your overall or just digital marketing strategy. As a constantly changing platform, Facebook requires a keen and close observation by any marketer in order for it to bring value to your business.

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