Video advertising and marketing dominated last year because of its prospects and there is no reason to think it won’t do the same in 2020. As we close in on the subsequent decade, more or less 86% of entrepreneurs are rigorously using video content material to advertise, educate, and entertain. 

New formats and an upward push in consumption continue to reinforce video as a more and more effective, enticing medium. It’s an opportunity your business can’t risk to skip.

Advertising and marketing are two things that keep changing because variations are essential to stay updated with the masses most used platforms. At times platforms are created to convert the masses on that platform for viewership, engagement, and conversion. 

Facebook was once a star platform and still is, but Snapchat and Instagram have taken over as well. The same applies to video marketing and its trends in 2020.  



  • User-generated content


Even in the digital age, word-of-mouth advertising stays a valuable asset to manufacturers. In the latest survey, 76% of clients said they trust content material shared by means of “average” people more than via brands.

This underlines the significance of leveraging user-generated content material, or UGC, to build believe with your audience. UGC can be defined as pictures, videos, reviews, social media posts, or any applicable content created through unpaid “fans” of your brand. Not handiest is UGC greater budget-conscious than other varieties of advertising and marketing, but it has also been proven to generate 7X higher engagement than popular brand-generated content.

What makes UGC most appealing is the authenticity it offers to an audience. Today’s clients are no longer impressed with pushy income tactics. People need to engage with brands they experience an emotional connection to.

The excellent way to build that relationship is through transparency and storytelling. Video marketing services in Dubai allow brands to locate ways include their enthusiasts aren’t just advertising and marketing to them, they’re creating a possible community people are excited to be a component of.



  • Shorter Video Advertisements


Today’s abundance of video content material creates an endless quantity of opposition for advertisers. Customers with the capacity to watch in reality whatever will best watch an ad if it is relevant, attention-grabbing, and treasured.

As a result, the quantity of time humans spend looking for advertisements has declined across nearly every medium. Similar trends are leading brands to test short video advertisements that purpose to beat the bypass button and serve short interest spans.

Short bumper ads present an innovative assignment for marketers who ought to tell a brand tale in below 15 seconds. The layout requires impactful content that may induce an immediate emotional reaction from a viewer.

As such, creative video editing is imperative, and clean to use editors like Clipchamp Create are making modifying simpler than ever before. Below are two examples of outstanding manufacturers the usage of humor, shock, and action to create compelling quick and effective pre-roll commercials.



  • OTT marketing


Over the top (OTT) is a term used to explain content providers that distribute streaming media over the internet. These services are disrupting conventional broadcast television and have led a new era of purchasers to “reduce the cord” with satellite and cable offerings.

Marketing through these systems offers advantages just like the ones gained from conventional online advertising. Unlike traditional commercials, OTT permits marketers to utilize targeting, advert insertion, and advanced analytics to create shorter extra personalized commercials.

This permits manufacturers to run full-display ads catered to the viewing behavior of an entire community. Viewers watching these ads from an OTT streaming tool can’t skip or deploy an ad blocker. As a result, video marketing techniques are significantly better for OTT advertising than in-browser video advertisements.

The wide variety of places to market it through OTT is growing exponentially. Future iterations would possibly combine information from other devices inside the family to create even more powerful targeting. 

This procedure will not only maximize the capacity to the fullest of ad campaigns, however, it would also ensure viewers are seeing ads that truly fit their interests and likes.

In the years to come, OTT could rise to be considered one of the most beneficial channels available to fashionable advertisers.

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