Content and SEO go hand in hand, and to get your masterpiece ranked on Google SERPs, your content has to stand out from the competition and follow major SEO practices. In case you are still wondering, you can hire top digital agencies in Dubai to get the job done for you. 

Let’s go through the few tips to increase your content value. 

Use Long-form & Short-form Content

In recent years of the internet, short-form content attracted more users and helped grab up the marketplace easily regardless of the competition.

You should produce quite a few articles, with few phrases, and do it quickly, to drive a lot of traffic.

With more and more crowded web areas and demanding searchers, Google’s algorithms have all started privileging longer and longer content material. 

If your intention is to meet the searcher’s query, and also you get to pick out between a 250-word article and a 3,000-word article, there’s generally a better risk that the 3,000-phrase article contains something in it that satisfies the rationale of the searcher.

Yet, every now and then that 250-phrase article gives you the bullet factor answer in a stunning featured snippet, and those different 2,750 phrases are now not wanted and without a doubt now not examine.

According to an aggregation of research, the precise content period for high-rating pages need to be around 2,000 phrases. This is a great place to begin and a first-rate location to gauge your word count number, but it isn’t the holy grail.

Add Variety to Your Content

No searchers are alike. Some people want chunks of dense text, whilst other human beings call for free and colourful explanations.

Some humans want movies, pictures, and audio files, at the same time as different people get distracted and soar away at the sight of such gimmicks.

Depending on the page and the target audience, it is probably appropriate to have films or pictures similar to textual content.

Don’t slow your web page down with unnecessary files, however, do remember that a wider variety of content material will assist you to fulfil the motive of a greater variety of searchers.

That method having textual content and video at the identical web page – giving alternatives to either searcher personality.

A more kind of content, blended with polished writing and a healthful intensity of content, will assist increase your average time on page.

A higher common time on a web page is a great indicator that you’re developing enticing content good for consumer experience.

Keeping human beings on your website online longer is a great thing – and something we are able to get by adding useful content material types consistent with the page.

Always know what is Authority vs. Originality

If you’ve been doling out search engine marketing-friendly content, you should come across a fundamental paradox in both the advice you’ve been given approximately for SEO and the manner that Google wants to rank pages.

Secondly, you’ve been informed to cost mentioning sources, authoritative links, expert advice, and claims which are backed up.

On the other hand, you’ve additionally been told to fee original studies and content that adds cost through new claims. Basically, you want to avoid scraping content and avoid unverified claims.

Go beforehand and lean on the experts, however, exceed them. Never overwrite your hyperlinks and research data, however, add something new and original, something your precise target market would want.

Make Sure Your Writing Stands Out

People study approximately 20% of the words on a website. Since there’s surely no telling which words they’ll study, you can’t just have a few sentences designed to act like winners. 

Whether you’re speeding to knock out a blog publish before dashing off to your next occasion or receiving articles from a 3rd party, a piece of desirable enhancing will assist you create search engine marketing-friendly content material.

Editing programs, like Hemingway Editor or Grammarly, reduce to the heart of simple grammatical and readability issues. You won’t want to examine the piece with a fine-toothed comb, simply fix the trouble areas that the editors highlight.

You can then take it a step similarly and run the piece through a device like SEMrush’s search engine marketing Content Template for unique search engine optimization recommendations.

Note: “polished writing” doesn’t constitute a single shape. Business blogs, comedy websites, and informative articles all require exceptional tones, levels, and types of writing to remember as polished in their given fields.

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