When you are developing a social media marketing strategy, you are focused on developing content. But the most major complication faced in these situations is which type of content is suitable for the social media channel that you are focused on. Worry not, we are here with a simple explanation that will allow you to understand the various types of social media content and how to place them on the right social media channel.

Social Networking:

The age-old art of getting into groups. Posting regularly about your brand’s activities, promotions, the blog hat your brand is running and bringing all the digital marketing content together comes in the purview of social marketing. 

Anything and everything that you develop for a digital marketing space should be shared on the social media-focused channels. 


Facebook is and probably will always be ‘the social network’. It is the best place to make sure that every online content that you have developed for marketing is exposed to the highest number of clients.


Think less common an more sophisticated. The elite onliners keep a close eye on the content that is shared on LinkedIn. So keep your content engaging, informative, authentic and extremely high quality. You will get the true potential that you deserve.


Not too common, but it does exist. If you are working in the Western world then you should have a strong base here, otherwise, its each to his own.


Developing informative and crisp content in less than 250 words is known as microblogging. The microblogging was the first derivative of social media marketing. It is a great way to connect with a newer and mature audience. We should all remember, the microblogging of Twitter has made many a star!


The first microblogging site that will never get old. The trending and following culture are highly effective and just a light glimpse at statistics will show you that Twitter is the king of content exposure.


Less open and deeper. Tumblr is where you get hardcore fans and life long followers. Develop engaging, thoughtful and high-quality microblogs for Tumblr and you will get customers who will be there for life. 


A simple way to keep your audience engaged is by developing eye-catching pictures that you can share with your clients. These can be infographics that are extremely successful these days. They can also be random quotes, reposts or pictures from the office.


Instagram is the best source for quick and immediate sharing of photos that you have recently developed. They will also get the highest exposure here.


Snapchat requires informal and short videos. You have to develop a culture of talking about your trade through these short bursts of information.


Great way to reshare blogs and other content including infographics, videos, and other content. The mature and highly receptive audience, perhaps less exposure but certainly higher reward. 

These are the main channels and how you can use them for your benefits. We are an expert social media management agency, give us a call to get started!

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