Print Online

Print Online is an online printing company in Dubai, UAE which offers top quality custom digital printing services at affordable price with fast delivery services. Their main forte was customized acquity and photo books.


Big Problem: Zero Brand Awareness and lead generation

The main problem with Print Online was that there was no brand awareness nor they were able to generate as much leads.  What was lacking in there was there wasn’t a well developed website which could take online orders and deliver since people in Dubai like convenience. Other than that their digital presence was not as appealing as It should have. Customized products get sales when the product in shown in a way which tempts the audience and this is what our main challenge was.

Since we had taken this challenge and had to present this brand as one of the leading in the Middle East Market, we started with the website. The website was given a comforting feel whereas the UX experience was all about making shopping easy. The Social media was strategized in a way to be product based because when a product is so strong you needn’t any distractions. The visuals and page feel was kept minimal with sophisticated colors and less text based work for the product to stand out in itself. One of the major campaigns designed for them for “featured photographer” campaign. This campaign not just increased the brand awareness but resulted in major collaborations.
SEO and SEM gave social media and website the boost it needed in order to generate leads and give it a major boost in rankings.


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We are majorly proud of the results produced for them as the leads were increased 3 times in just a matter of a few months. The social media page was nothing less than an eye candy as it had the right amount of sophistication which eventually resulted in sales.

1.7 K
ROI Increased
by 80%
2X increase in
digital engagement
3X higher
website traffic