Looking at the average person’s routine, there is less time to engage with people around you making it a fast-paced environment. For companies, this has become challenging because now they need to utilize the best marketing efforts to target and market their products and services. 

No one has the time to read out texts from magazines and newspapers, which is why a video is used to engage and communicate the message. Video marketing has proved to be a powerful medium for video marketing services in Dubai that interact with consumers with educational, emotional and funny messages. 

Why Video Marketing is Relevant in 2020?

Video is more appealing than texts. It is vital to your content execution strategy because its measurable targets the readers instantly and easily retained. Users consider videos that are short in length, that do not consume their time and provide actionable intel. 

Since it is a visual representation, marketers can educate complex concepts to share stories about customers that could include: 

  • Demos
  • Trials
  • Subscriptions 

These actions will bring a visual appeal for customers to interact. However, apart from the video’s ability to drive conversions, the platform is data-driven where the stats can be analyzed by marketers. 

Marketers can easily track and report the engagement response and use it for its own benefits. If you are a product or service than these videos can be directly linked to your services to create a bigger impact 

If you are seeking to hire a professional video marketing firm in Dubai then make sure the company is skilled in digital marketing practices.  

Video boosts conversion rates.

This is true! It is seen that including a video on the landing page of a website increases conversions through engagement. Here, the video attached to the landing page should be short, relevant and easily understandable. 

If it’s a knowledgeable video, the presenter presenting the video can make an impact that can lead the engagement to conversion. Also, conveying the right emotions in the video acts a powerful method for video marketing. 

Video is beneficial for email marketing campaigns.

We all receive emails from different companies spamming your inbox and we most of the time ignore them and delete them before even opening the mail. However, if the subject line has mentioned “video,” the email opening rate would increase by a big percentage

Video attached in emails provider click-through rates because video will always be a better way of knowing about something

Search Engines Rank Video Better

Search Engines such as Google trust content that is engaging to users. Nothing rules out better than having longer page views and videos make that happen. YouTube globally is the second largest search engine after Google where the visibility is doubled. 

Once the video is created, it can further be posted everywhere on social platforms and professional platforms as well such as LinkedIn. 

Video creates trust and authority

Video is the best example to create brand awareness and company recognition which allows you to connect with more viewers who build a sense of trust. The videos you create will aid in educating and transforming user minds through trust.

That trust is built from unique content in a video format.

Video Enables Social Sharing

It’s not bad to say that videos are being shared at lightning speed. An incident happening at Alaska could be notified to the entire world within seconds. That is how fast the videos are being spread globally. 

92% of smartphone users share videos among friends and family. It is the leading social media service provider in Dubai that create such videos that provide useful intelligence. Now you understand the power of video marketing?

This is what video marketing services in Dubai promote and suggest to all clients to consider video marketing in their Digital marketing campaigns

Hence, Video marketing scope is unparalleled and only limited to your imagination. From developing content to creating DIY videos on FaceBook live. The number of opportunities present is great for our business and company. 

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