In a quick length of time, markets and consumer behaviors have undergone drastic changes because of the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19. 

From human beings raiding grocery stores and pharmacy aisles to the cancellation of the world’s most considerable activities and mandates for “non-essential” having pandemic do major damage to the economic system and society as we knew it would do.

During this time, when humans are feeling scared and are adjusting their behaviors, savvy digital marketers, direct-to-consumer (D2C) marketers realize it’s vital to pivot their strategies and communications to aid their customers’ buying experiences.

What’s the New Way Forward?

Larger companies are also now finding themselves in the position of having potentially lost millions via cancelled events and loss of public dealings.

Companies can’t regain the budget spent and planned on this year’s strategy and preps but the swift cancellation of the plans will make them strategize the digital marketing plan. 

Digital is probably going to be the clear winner here, and those companies will be included that don’t have a social media platform as well. They will move towards using all digital marketing practices in such hard times.

The core concept has drastically shifted relied on:

  • Social advertising and marketing
  • Online marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Content advertising and marketing
  • SEO
  • Influencer-led campaigns

Of course, this indicates there are opportunities available for the taking if you are a B2B dealer in an enterprise that has been slow to adapt to digital marketing handles. Here the adaptability comes into play which is pivotal for business survival.

If it’s preferred in your industry to exit and meet new customers face-to-face before you do business, adapting might also imply beginning new channels over the web or social media platforms where more interaction is made possible to build a strong relationship and foster it.

In the approaching months, your prospective customers are going to be less open to the concept of letting you walk via the door and shake their hand with the current COVID-19 threat – and no-one certainly has any idea how long this may last and whether this could lead to a different form of digitization.

Massive Increase in Social media Usage

When you are quarantined at home with the only social connectivity through your social media handles, you can expect intensive app installs and social media usage. 

It is important to understand because the budget on social media just went up because there has been a 29% increase in social media usage in March due to the lockdown. 

With that happening businesses are taking advantage of the opportunity and using digital marketing platforms to do some hard-hitting campaigns and budgets to increase the sale through online exposure as the contemporary marketing methods are dead at the moment. 

The last time marketing spend for social media was this high was just before Thanksgiving in November 2019, Black Friday and so on. But with no national event to date, this event was not expected leading to digital marketing companies acting fast to increase live, real-time video interaction.

Why? Because extroverts still need their social time!

We can’t clearly say what the future will be like for digital marketing, but we are expecting a constant rise in digital presence as it is the only liaison between customers and the rest of the world and businesses.

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