How can we use social media to really attract new customers? If there is a period that brands and marketing companies in Dubai are waiting for, it’s Eid time. Celebrated amid all, the festive Eid period is vital for traders and digital marketing companies in Dubai for young and old alike. Twitter, Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are popular with businesses. All you need are some tips and tricks.

1. Make a list of the essential hashtags

Essential on Twitter and viewed more than the usual watchwords on Facebook and Google Plus, hashtags are marketing levers that cannot be overlooked. The use of special Eid hashtags can greatly help you to be visible. We as a leading digital marketing agency in UAE advise you to make a list of essential hashtags that you can use. Adding your grain of salt to the conversations can help you position yourself as an expert and connect with others who are following the conversation. Try to follow people who talk about hashtags that you follow. You can also look for people who talk about particular topics, such as your brand or the type of product. Focus on quality rather than quantity to avoid following people who have no interest in your brand or products. Search on Twitter for hashtags that cover topics of interest to you or your industry. Comment if appropriate. Many service providers are finding new customers through digital marketing companies in Dubai. Feel free to also create your own hashtags!

2. Set up a quiz

People love social media contests, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Participants must share or publish the contest on their wall. This is called maximum advertising for a minimum of effort. Try to target your target audience with your competition. It may be a basket of products you sell or an even an iPad. The social media contest is indeed a classic of the festive period. Marketing companies in Dubai prove that the contests are the most appreciated when Eid is in the offing. Obviously, the implementation of a contest is more or less effective depending on your industry but also the endowments that you offer. Nevertheless, our digital marketing services can only advise you to think about this possibility. Think about partnerships. Remember that Eid will obviously be the nerve center of your game on social networks. Treat your community while talking about yourself!

3. Personalize your pages on social networks

Eid is the time when your business should not miss out. Whether you are a manufacturer, fashion brand, interior decorator, caterer, design specialists or an online marketing company in Dubai- you will need a solid strategy to succeed in the biggest sales period of the year. It is therefore obvious not to go at the last minute. Take the lead, especially since a well thought out strategy can really change the deal and bring you big! Dress your pages on social networks. Take advantage of this surge of love and creativity to personalize your accounts. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or others, each social network offers many features in order to customize your business space.

4. The user-generated content

This festive occasion also highlights upon sharing values. Make users participate. They will be delighted to share their Eid photos with you. Offer them to share their festive attire, decor, the gifts they would like to have. Ask their opinions on your products and more! Check the web to see what your competitors are talking about and what customers want.

5. It’s time to advertise!

Social networks have evolved a lot in recent years. In 2010, you could enjoy great visibility without putting a single penny in advertising. Today things change. Eid is the perfect time to get started. Highlight your business, your products, and your services to increase your chances of increasing sales. This will increase visibility and is likely to attract new prospects. Even if you do not frankly promote your products, make connections that work wonders to attract customers. Try to get inspired by watching what’s on Instagram or Pinterest. How about a festive buffet reservation at your favorite restaurant or café? Al Bustan Rotana, Atlantis- the Palm, and Dusit Thani have some exciting buffet deals and meals up for Eid in Dubai.

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