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Point Blanc Media offers a wide range of website maintenance services in Dubai. Our solutions are aimed at ensuring optimal performance for your website across different devices & network conditions. We specialize in maintenance activities ranging from website performance analysis to content updates, backups, & more. Years of industry experience & a diverse portfolio of clients across UAE speaks to the quality of our maintenance solutions. 

Looking to enhance & maximize your website performance? Partner with Point Blanc Media for website maintenance solutions in Dubai. 

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    Point Blanc Media Has Been Recognized as the Best Website Maintenance Services Provider in The Nation

    Comprehensive Website Maintenance Monthly in Dubai

    Website development is just the first step. Regular maintenance is essential to keep it running without problems. Point Blanc Media is the best provider offering website maintenance monthly in Dubai. Our team specializes in the ins & outs of website maintenance. Extensive expertise enables us to create seamless user experiences. 

    Your business website needs to evolve in order to adapt to market changes. Point Blanc Media understands the value & impact of having a well-optimized website. We focus on your long-term objectives. These insights act as our guide throughout the website maintenance process. Performance analysis & security checks are some of our cover services. These are complemented by CMS & content updates as well as regular backups. Our expert technical support streamlines communication for clients. 

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    Website Maintenance Solutions

    Website Audit

    Our team conducts regular site audits to check the performance of the website. The audit helps identify performance issues. We look at all the elements on your website including UI, UX, & technical aspects to ensure optimal performance.  

    Backups & Recovery

    We perform regular backups for your website to handle the worst-case scenarios. The idea is to prepare for potential accidents. Our backup & recovery plans ensure that you are capable of recovering from critical website crashes.

    Website Upgrades

    Our web development experts can add new features to your website. We can update your CMS including themes, plugins, & addons. We help you stay ahead of the competition by ensuring that your site stays up-to-date as per latest standards.

    Content Updates

    We do content updates including headers, images, contact information, & more. Our expert copywriters update your webpages & blog content with the latest & relevant information. These updates ensure long-term visitor engagement.

    Performance Optimization

    We improve your website’s loading speed & UI elements to ensure a better user experience. Enhanced performance may contribute to better rankings on SERPs. You are more likely to retain visitors with a well-optimized business website.

    Technical Support

    Our experienced team has advanced technical expertise. They are capable of handling all kinds of website maintenance tasks including updates as well as backups. Our team is ready to listen to & address your queries any time of the day.

    Value-Driven Website
    Maintenance Packages in Dubai

    We offer affordable website maintenance packages designed to meet every business requirement.

    Website Maintenance

    AED 350

    Per Month
    • 12 Hrs Per Month
    • 2 Hrs of Development Per Month
    • Content Update
    • Image Resizing – Editing – Retouching
    • Version & Plugin Upgrade

    E-Commerce MaintenanceMost Popular

    AED 550

    Per Month
    • 24 Hrs Per Month
    • 4 Hrs of Development Per Month
    • Content Update
    • Image Resizing – Editing – Retouching
    • Version & Plugin Upgrade

    Hourly Plan

    AED 250

    Per Month
    • Hire A Designer
    • Website Migration
    • SSL Certificate Installation
    • Graphic Design
    • Website Content Writing
    • Plugin Integrtion
    • Payment Gateway Integration

    Expert Solutions for All Industries

    Point Blanc Media provides an all-in-one solution for all your website maintenance needs. We are a reputable provider offering maintenance services across all industries in the UAE.


    Business-to-business websites can leverage our maintenance expertise to streamline optimal performance for their online platform. 


    We provide professional website maintenance services for B2C websites to ensure a seamless experience for your customers.


    Our ecommerce website maintenance services help brands maximize their site performance with comprehensive optimization.


    Startups looking to grow their presence can do that by maximizing website performance with our regular maintenance services.


    We offer result-driven website maintenance services for small & large-scale enterprises for ensuring smooth business operations. 


    Non-profit websites can benefit from our website maintenance in Dubai to ensure that their website delivers optimal performance. 


    Increase in Conversions Rates


     Improvement in Loading Time


    Reduction in Security Risks


    Affordable than In-House Team

    Our Web Maintenance Process

    Performance Analysis

    Our website support and maintenance services start by conducting a comprehensive performance audit of your website. We check the loading speed as well as the performance of the UI & UX elements. The idea behind this initial analysis is to identify potential improvements that can be made to your website. The proactive analysis enables us to pinpoint any issues that might be affecting the site performance. 

    Security Checks

    Website security matters. It helps build trust in your products & services. Our experts for website security and maintenance in Dubai keep your website secure through in-depth security analysis. It enables you to stay ahead of malicious hacking attempts. We implement the necessary security updates like the SSL certificate to make your website a safe haven for potential visitors. 

    CMS Updates

    Popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, & Joomla are always undergoing massive updates. Your website needs to be aligned with these updates for ensuring optimal performance. Our CMS experts perform the platform-specific updates on your website. We update the CMS as well as the plugin integrations that you have installed on your website.

    Content Updates

    We ensure that all the content on your website remains current. We update website information, webpages, and blog content to keep your audience engaged. The content updates we perform on your website contribute to better rankings on search engine result pages. You are more likely to see organic visitors with the content that we update on your website. 

    Speed Optimization

    Speed is a major factor in maximizing engagement & reducing bounce rates. Fast loading speed may also contribute to better SERP rankings. We analyze the speed of your website to ensure that each page loads as fast as possible. Our team optimizes the code and compresses images to make them load fast. We also implement CDN & caching technologies to further enhance the loading speed.  

    Website Backups

    Website backups are important for protecting your sensitive business information against unforeseen accidents. Our team stores off-site backups of your website. These backups ensure that you can quickly restore your website in case anything goes wrong. These backups make you capable of handling site crashes, data loss, & other challenges that may cause issues on your website.    

    Why Choose Our WordPress Website Maintenance Services?

    Point Blanc Media specializes in emergency as well as regular website maintenance. Below is a breakdown of why you should choose our services:

    Technical Expertise

    Our best website maintenance services are backed by practical experience & technical expertise. We are capable of handling front-end as well as back-end website maintenance issues. 

    Proactive Approach

    Our monthly website maintenance services enable you to stay on top of your website’s health & performance. We identify the current & potential issues before they get worse. 

    Emergency Maintenance

    Website performance issues may arise at any time. We offer emergency maintenance services to ensure that your website stays operational with minimal downtime.  

    Optimized Performance

    Our services are aimed at optimizing the performance of your website. We work on the UI, UX, & technical elements of your website to achieve optimal performance.

    Robust Security

    We specialize in the latest website security standards & best practices. We implement SSL and other security measures to ensure a secure experience for visitors. 

    24/7 Support 

    Our expert support staff is available to address your queries & concerns 24/7. The technical expertise of our team is complemented by a friendly approach to customer support.

    Tools Used by Our Experts for Website Maintenance Services in Dubai

    At Point Blanc Media, we use the latest website maintenance tools & technologies to ensure unparalleled performance for your website. As a top-rated website maintenance service in Dubai, we take pride in our value-driven solutions that cater to the needs of every website.

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      Frequently Ask Questions

      What are web maintenance services?

      Website maintenance is about ensuring a website is up-to-date. It involves monitoring your website regularly and making sure that it works at its best. It may also include proactive activities to maximize the security of your website. 

      What is the typical website maintenance cost in Dubai?

      The cost of website maintenance depends on the size of the website as well as the type of maintenance activities you want for your website. You can choose our comprehensive website maintenance packages to ensure all-around maintenance for your website 

      What should be included in a website maintenance package?

      A package for maintenance services for a website should include activities to monitor, enhance, and optimize the performance of a website. Core website maintenance activities include performance monitoring, security checks, backups, disaster recovery, speed optimization, & content updates. Emergency maintenance services should also be a part of the package.

      How can web maintenance help your business?

      Website maintenance ensures optimal performance for your website. Unparalleled performance results in a rich user experience for your audience. Your website drives better engagement which contributes to generating leads & conversions. Website maintenance also involves ensuring the security of your website which helps build a trusted brand reputation.