Let’s Introduce you to it

This is fun but we take it seriously.

A brand design needs to be distinctive, creative and reflect the spirit of your company. We will harness our creative team to research, design and produce a clean and beautiful Brand Design that you will be proud of.

Imagine the thousands of new products and services released in the market every day. When the market becomes flooded with products and services similar to what you offer, your brand becomes a vital asset that empowers your merchandise to differentiate itself and attract customers. Everything from, advertising, design, features, cost and unique selling proposition start glowing like never before when your brand stands up to a higher pedestal.

Corporations that are geared towards regional or global branding need corporate identity on a comprehensive level to declare their mission in new environments, while outstand against experience hardened competitors already winning the monopoly. Point Blanc Media helps you breathe a living soul into your company that shows customers what the company stands for, what is its mission and why it is the best without having to read an entire book about it.

    Why do you need it?

    Show your Customers what you stand for

    True Representation– It represents of what your company is and what it stands for.

    Recall value – We morphe a simple logo or visual element into your company’s most vital asset

    Company looks bigger – We ensure your brand holds authority against all other logos in the market.

    Loyalty and Trust – We inculcate loyalty and trust in your customers through stable message that they can value

    How Do We Do It?

    Our Process

    Step 1: Thorough Market Research: We begin by conducted a thorough market research and bench marking against industry competitors.

    Step 2: Establish Brand Positioning : Brand positioning is the naming of who your product is for and why your product is a better option than the competitors.

    Step 3: Logo & Color palette: We go on to develop your brand logo and guidelines. Our research and brand postioning faciliatrs us.

    Step 5: Supporting collateral – We create videos, visual language and supporting document.

    ""Point Blanc Media associated with us for our brand Stinnos. They have a young and positive team which understands the strategy and gets into the business by getting to the core of it solving problem with innovative solutions which are very forth coming therefore I am delighted to be associated with them especially because they have great understanding with e-commerce giants which helps in increasing sales.""

    StinnosclubThe kids club

    "Point Blanc Media is doing a great job with the promotion of Fujifilm and Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop. Their campaigns have helped in increasing our footfall and sales in the past few months. In a short span, they have given us a great response and we are happy to work with them."

    FujifilmPhotography Company

    Why us?

    Why Point Blanc Media

    Guaranteed Results –  We absolutely guarantee to build Brands that will be in sync with your business model and help your profits soar. That’s because they are based on logic, strategy, thought and great design

    Meticulous – We offer great attention to detail! Whether people, pixels or code, we believe details make all the difference

    Personalized & Unique Approach -We offer brand development all the attention it needs and develop a personalized and unique brand.

    Great Designs – We guarantee that once the client approves our big idea, they will approve our design concept.

    Agile Delivery – We will provide you with timely delivery provided there is no client delay. The perfect combination of creative and Agile

    We build Brands – We don’t just develop your logo, we build brands.

    Love Thy Clients – Clients come first. Full stop. Unlimited support for our clients.