Social media marketing began a thing of great importance after the early 2000’s dot com crisis passed
and the internet became a thing of common availability. It was a fairly new thing of course, so prominently
only big multinationals started taking notice and establishing an online presence with the use of a
website. Then search engines made their appearance and SEO came into business, with companies
realizing the traction it brought to products via search engines.

After that came the time when Facebook and MySpace were launched, initially as dating sites but got
molded into normal socializing platforms, not necessarily involving dating. It was around that time when
having a social media presence was taken into account by small and big businesses alike. Smaller
businesses started inquiring what is social media marketing and how to do social media marketing, to
know the process better and adapt as such. Now we’re at a time where more than 80% of total
businesses have an online social media presence.

Now there are multiple social media marketing companies in Pakistan and social media marketing
company in Dubai, where the service can be outsourced and a social media marketing agency takes care
of your entire marketing on social platforms. It’s still not a common service providing business but it’s a
niche that serves well to those that avail it. It can be done by many digital marketing agencies, such as
Point Blanc Media.

Social media marketing strategy is similar to a conventional marketing strategy but not quiet. It involves
more of strategizing and planning a calendar of social media posts that are required to bring engagement
to the brand and involve people into the brand’s activities to promote its product or service. Social media
marketing Dubai, involves knowing your audience well enough to target their wants and their
preferences,. In terms of what they might prefer and what would make them pick the product up.

SEO and social media marketing are functions of marketing that fairly go hand in hand for a lot of
companies where they focus on both to bring their product as much attention as they can. And rightly so,
if used as complementary to each other, they combined bring a good percentage of visibility to the brand.
But social media marketing can prove to be more effective than SEO in a lot of cases. Here are a few:

● A company having a social media presence is viewed by customers as one that is proactive and
there for your queries and engages with them too. A survey showed a wide majority of
people on social media to be following one or the other brand. This means having a social media
presence, your customer could very well likely be waiting for your new product to launch so that
they can purchase it without you having to go to them to market it.

● The Internet being free is not a pro that works solely in social media’s favor because SEO
marketing also relies on that fact. But having access to that internet at all times means, a brand
is reachable to the customer at all times of the day and vice versa.
● Social media accounts are easy to gauge and navigate because people are used to it. Those that
are not fond of a lot of text and reading will not approach a search engine and read many blogs to
get to something they are looking for. Therefore, it’s a simplified enough place for customers to
look around.
● Social media reach is technically boundless, and it is always open to a whole lot more than just its
target audience. People on social media can share your content with the help of one click, now
that temporary stories are common in almost all social media, it means people can post
something on their story that would stay there for about 24 hours before it disappears.
● Lastly, it does not require a lot of effort. It is something that is easy to pull off, than writing and
putting up SEO blogs that might or might not reach your audience. It can be started for free, with
just an account so it is accessible to all size businesses and then if a business likes to extend
their reach they can have paid advertisements do that for them.

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