Have you ever wondered why videos appeal to you more than written text on your social feeds? 60 seconds of a video can describe an event or advertise better than written text and has a powerful impact on the masses. 

While digitization has taken over society, the more you reach the masses the better. This will ensure you will get more traction, engagement, and conversions. Video marketing allows you to achieve this with powerful content that engages with the audience allowing them to relate. 

Whether it’s your first video marketing strategy or not, every video requires a proper strategy that covers the content and the execution. Here you will learn why you will require a top digital marketing service provider in Dubai for creating and implementing video marketing.


  • Video Boosts Conversions and Sales


Videos boost sales, it’s as true as an investment that guarantees a return. It gives you instant traction and sales-boosting your brand image and identity. Adding your product video on your main page can get your engagement with up to 80%. No matter what anyone says, video is more appealing than text and what’s better than a summarized video of 1 minute than a whole page of description. 

This is where leading social media service providers in Dubai come in that will cater to your exact video requirements and craft a relevant content strategy that will be turned into a video. 

Consider this, give yourself time to think about the effectiveness of video as being more promising than static pictures. Don’t you agree? Most of the content being transmitted to the brain is in the form of visuals because human brain retains imagery better. 


  • Google Algorithm Ranks Videos


Videos are a great way to increase the User time spent on your site. This instantly works in your favor; the more the user stays, the better the search engine understand the authenticity and content of your site. 

With video content, you are more likely to Grow and show up on first-page rankings Google now owns YouTube and will increase your web traffic.

There are multiple techniques that you can use to make your videos get traction in search engines. The first stage would be to derive the maximum SEO value from your video. How? This is tweaked before you upload the video on your channel by hosting it on your own domain. 

Further, you need to enable embedding on your video which will aid you in increasing the chances of getting inbound marketing links. And DO NOT forget to avail video sitemaps which is beneficial for your videos. 

Also, for videos, SEO descriptions are key which gives Google search spiders the signals to make sense of your video. 

Video Increases Return On Investment (ROI)

To make you get clarity on the notion, 83% of the businesses state video promises better return on investment which is true. However, the creation of the video does not happen overnight nor the cheapest as well because it takes planning, time and execution. 

Also, it doesn’t matter if your videos are perfect. It is the content that makes the video stand out. It is observed that users skip videos or show a lack of interest when the voice-over is not appropriate or the or the message is not communicated properly.

Video is Better Seen by Mobile Users

Watching videos on your smartphone is consumed more because 90% of consumers watch videos on their smartphones making it a faster way for engagement for anyone looking searching videos or smartphones or directly target smartphones. YouTube states that video consumption rises 100% every year, now imagine the benefits when the chances of your video being seen have better probability every year. 

Smartphone usage has grown enormously which has led to a boom in video consumption

Video Engages the Masses

Video is a type of visual representation that is consumed by all ages, whether its toddlers watching rhymes and poems to senior citizens as well. That is the reason video marketing has become essential.

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