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What is Social Media Marketing?

Digital marketing is incomplete without social media. One of the key components for generating traffic and remaining relevant is social media and organizations which forego this area always suffer from poor visibility and lack of exposure. A great social media strategy can positively impact your SEO, increase customer retention and generate a positive word of mouth from your own clients. It builds brand loyalty, trust and image of the company. As the customers are in close proximity, they can communicate directly and build a one-on-one relation with the brand.

Creating and maintaining a reputable business profile on social media networks is necessary for business to flourish. It credits your reliability as a source, and markets your name online. Point Blanc Media understands these elements all too well and offers its social media marketing services to set you in the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social Media is big in Dubai with above 90% penetration of internet. Do you want your brand to match your values ​​and the expectations of your targets? You must develop a presence on social media! Point Blanc Media has a great team of social media strategists. We aim to turn around your brand’s engagement and following on social media to help you drive conversion and build trusts. As a trusted social media agency in Dubai, rest be assured you are in safe hands with us.


    Tell your story to above 1.28 billion people

    Why do you need Social Media

    Growing No. Of Social Media Users – Social Media Marketing Companies in Dubai have been stressing out on the explosive growth rate since last few years. Research into social media users has revealed approximately 45% of UAE population has a Facebook account. You can’t afford to be not there anymore.

    Generate More Revenue from Social Media – Social Media has turned around many small and medium businesses in Dubai. It has been great source of revenue thanks to its highly targeted programmatic advertising.

    Increase in Brand loyalty & Trust – Social Media makes your brand approachable to the users who matter. You can talk to them, address their concerns and more importantly turn them into brand advocates for your company.

    Remarketing – Social media tools like Facebook pixel can help you remarket to clients who have visited you; it can also help you market to similar audiences. It is one of the strongest brand re-inforcement & recall mediums to ever exist.

    How do we do it?

    Our Process

    Step 1: Competitor research & Buyer Persona: We analyze your competitors and the content that they are using. What content resonates best with your target audience is evaluated; Buyer personas are developed for at-least four different types of TA.

    Step 2: Create Customized Social Media Strategy: Develop a custom strategy; shortlist content types; develop creative strategy; decide on platforms and type of content strategy for each platform – video, case studies, visuals, motion graphics, blogs, Insta Stories, Snap stories, Facebook stories.

    Step 3: Create Organic/Paid Posts and Ad campaigns: Sponsor Ads vary from text and pictures to graphics and videos. Our campaigns are highly targeted at various demographic and behavioral levels. We optimize results by engaging users, posts, comments and also responding to queries.

    Step 4: Audit and Maintenance: Continuously use data and insights to improve campaign performance. Use A/B testing to see what works and what doesnt work.

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    ""Point Blanc Media associated with us for our brand Stinnos. They have a young and positive team which understands the strategy and gets into the business by getting to the core of it solving problem with innovative solutions which are very forth coming therefore I am delighted to be associated with them especially because they have great understanding with e-commerce giants which helps in increasing sales.""

    StinnosclubThe kids club

    "Point Blanc Media is doing a great job with the promotion of Fujifilm and Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop. Their campaigns have helped in increasing our footfall and sales in the past few months. In a short span, they have given us a great response and we are happy to work with them."

    FujifilmPhotography Company

    Why choose us?

    Why Point Blanc Media

    Guaranteed Social Media Results – We use result-oriented Social Media methods to give you an excellent ROI.

    Agile Delivery – We provide you with regular updates on social media progress, trend analysis and detailed performance reports through Live client dashboards.

    Dedicated Social Media Manager – We provide our clients with an experienced and dedicated social media strategist/account manager to work closely with you in promoting their business on social media. Your account manager will manager your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms that you opt for.

    Customized Social Media Strategy – In-house social media experts that deliver highly customized social Strategies formulated through extensive research and thorough understanding of your products/services, brand character, customer preferences and differentiation point.

    Data Driven Methodology – We live and breath data! We use social analytics to tools and analyze performance of your social media campaigns.

    Affordable Social Media Marketing Pricing – You can define and mould packages according to your requirements. We are flexible.

    Creative Visuals & Insightful Posts – We have an expert graphic design and brand team that develops engaging posts for your customers. Our digital ads get noticed!