The sketch artistry is a significant part of story boarding and modern advertising agency. As much as we are here to help you become a more successful artist, today we decided to go basic. How many of you, as advertisers, know the basics of drawing? Here is a simple list of five main skills that you will need to have a successful career as a drawing artist.

The Perception of Edges:

Edges decide the outlook of the drawing. The human eye traces the edges to place the drawing in the perception of the subconscious. That is why always make sure that you think about the shape of things on a piece of paper. You need to make sure that the edges are in sync with objects around them and are not too far or are not running into each other. That simple symmetry will allow you to have a good looking and compelling sketch.

The Perception of Spaces:

Spaces decide the spaces filled so make sure that you are using your spaces well. You need to have a space ratio in your pictures that is balanced so that you do not go out of range. Make sure that the spaces you are developing will complement each other. Do not have an imbalance of space in your visual field. Otherwise, the picture looks heavy. It is best to only put the image on the side of the picture if you are placing a quotation on the other side otherwise, the picture will get imbalanced and heavy. The space around the picture will become edge so try not to have a design that goes into the edges. Otherwise, the edges will have become a nuisance for the general outlook of the graphic.

The Perception of Relationships:

Correlation between objects presented in the same graphic is crucial to the quality of the graphic. The best way to make your graphic is to use simple and easy to understand figures. They do not need to be iconic but they need to be universally known as a depiction of the concept you are presenting. Always remember that people do not have endless time to view graphics. They have a limited time to understand the graphic and they may also have a lot on their mind. So your graphic needs to tell the tale simply and directly to the client.

The Perception of Light & Shadow:

The different shades that you have available in the graphics are a world of change that you have available. You can develop a true brand if you learn to manipulate the graphics well.

All in all graphic designing is the key to a successful marketing campaign that you may be developing. Always remember that your basic concept of how the graphic should be developed has to be simple and direct. Your idea should pp out and connect with people right away. That is the only way to get and keep the attention of the audience.

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