Is SEO making you infuriated?! It can get pretty intimidating with the constantly changing nature of search engines and an abrupt learning curve. What makes it even more confusing are the obsolete myths and exaggeration surrounding SEO strategy, search engine traffic and the way they work.

Whether you’re doing SEO in Dubai or elsewhere, we are constantly surrounded with SEO myths that people believe in blindly. Let’s start busting a few below.

  • Website Submission On Search Engines
    As there are thousands of SEO companies and web designers, one myth that will never vanish is that you have to “submit” the website at a small fee to all the search engines. Whereas in reality, you don’t have to submit it. Search engines are a lot smarter than that. If one visits your website from another link, strong chances are Google will find and index your website as a result.

    Back then, SEO was the shady practice of stuffing keywords, tweaking back-end code and spamming links until you started ranking well for the keywords you wanted. But thankfully, Google wiped off those practices pretty quickly, and its search algorithm has never really stopped evolving. It also introduced Google Panda Update, which refers to a set of practices that are used to increase a site or page’s rank in search engines through means that violate the search engine’s terms of service.

  • Keyword Filler
    Another famous myth is that a strong SEO strategy requires stuffing as many keywords into the content as possible. Although search engines have ensured that keyword density is not a metric used in ranking algorithms anymore. The aim is to use the keywords in a balanced form of usage and relevance.

    All you have to do is make the reader understand the message through your keywords that are helpful, useful and relevant. Some tips of using keywords efficiently are:

    • Use keywords in your meta description
    • Insert keywords in your SEO title tag
    • Use keywords in your article title
    • Use keywords within the first 200 words
  • No need for SEO if you have good content
    Good content is essential, of course! It is also important to understand that something new and unique should always be added to the website. But yes, you should keep a check on the keywords that are getting visitors to the website, details of these visitors and which posts are getting better results in SEO progress. This analysis could help you come up with new and informative content related to what your visitors are interested in. There you go, you’re back to optimizing your content according to SEO – so it’s fair to conclude that good content and SEO go hand in hand with good content being a prerequisite for search engine optimization.

  • Unlimited links
    Yes, building links is important but the strength of these links depends on how relevant they are and what the quality is like from where they are coming from. Generally people think that the more links they build the better it is however, the fact is that not all links hold a similar value. A link from a renowned website can have more weight than thousands of links from poor websites. So never go for quantity, always go for quality.

  • SEO is a one-time thing
    The only form of SEO that should be a one-time use, is the black hat SEO that refers to a set of practices which are used to increase a site or page’s rank in search engines through means that violate the search engine’s terms of services. Other than that, SEO is something that needs regular attention. This is because Google is likely to update its algorithm constantly and to make old strategies obsolete. Also, don’t forget your competitors are improving their SEO constantly so if you do not give it regular attention, chances are you will be left behind!

SEO is a constantly changing game i.e. a great strategy for SEO in Dubai today may not be as great tomorrow. So don’t believe everything that you see on the internet and avoid falling for pointless tactics. Make sure that you only follow reputable websites and blogs to stay updated with Google. Connect with a well-known digital marketing agency in Dubai today to expand your online presence, grow revenue and increase leads.

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