Blue mart is a leading supermarket chain, established to deliver high quality products and services to their customers in the Middle East. They are a totally self supporting organization in all its operation and thus achieve high level of
productivity and economy in scale of operations. In a very short span the company has achieved rapid growth, which was only because of their commitment, professional approach, time management and quality. They stand on four major pillars- Quality, Reliability, Commitment  Punctuality.


The Customers didn’t see the value they had to offer

Blue Mart Group was a successful company in itself but its digital presence was all over the place. Specially the website had no touch of their values and core strengths. Their professional approach from the digital end was bland and irrelative. Their current website was haphazard and needed a lot of refinement and elevation.

Their website had a UI as well as UX problem. Since Blue Mart Group is a company full of diverse individuals, we wanted to give those values out through their website. We started with working on the UI and went through diverse website options and then finally agreed upon the best. The look we were aiming for was a professional look with touch of brand colors and a lot about the company. We needed that the company and its core values come out in the website for it to stand out. Then working over the UX was a like putting a cherry on the cake. The UX has to be approachable and understandable by the audience. We did not want fancy buttons which would lead a consumer to several pages and complex structures. Basically we wanted a sophisticated look with an easy going experience and we are proud to achieve that.


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