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What is Integrated Brand Strategy?

A sound integrated marketing communications plan requires a mix of vital planning, structure, and communications resourcefulness empowering the advertiser to reach through different directs in architecting development for business, brands, and items. Confronting the regularly expanding development of rivalry in the commercial center for strength of correspondence channels, organizations need to focus on consummating their integrated marketing communications plan with an end goal to remain on top.

Organizations can’t bear to disparage the significance of marketing to explicit target groups of onlookers. So as to drives deals, a total integrated marketing communications methodology ought to be investigated and actualized to incorporate advertising, promoting, web, and so forth.

    Why do you need it?

    Effective and Cost Efficient

    Integrated branding strategy, lessen cost by creating multi-use materials. Videos, Imagery, copies, and more would all be able to be passed from one medium to the next. This guarantees consistency and shields you from enlisting planners for a plenty of occupations. Integrated marketing is taking over the world: Nowadays, advertisements are so in order to our individual advantages, it is nearly to the point of spamming.

    Integrated marketing efforts are viable in light of the fact that they are all over. Since, being digital is all about keeping with trends, integrated marketing shouldn’t be left behind. It builds a relationship: Integrated marketing strategies are about the client. You’re attempting to construct compatibility with them, increment your own image mindfulness, and improve your notoriety.

    These crusades get clients discussing you in casual discussions, like the manner in which one may make reference to running into an old companion, or seeing another movie that just turned out.

    How Do We Do It?

    Our Process

    1. Identifying different marketing communications: You can get to an assortment of marketing communications as a component of your methodology. We look over your accessible choices from content marketing, advertisement, sales promotion and social media. We try to incorporate however many as possible.

    2. Develop a marketing communications plan: We focus your marketing communications to support your overall sales and marketing mission. We make sure the marketing communication efforts align with all of the marketing and sales programs to ensure the messaging is consistent across channels. One key we keep in mind is delivering the right content, at the right place, and at the right time. The message is focused on the buyer persona, or ideal customer segment, to help the message resonate, and pull them through the buying process.

    3. Analyze the customer decision making process: We comprehend what causes clients to choose to purchase an item or administration, and after that find why they would choose to purchase from you. A few customers utilize an all-encompassing basic leadership process, yet others utilize low dimensions of contribution to make restricted, ostensible, or spontaneous choices. By analyzing these processes we come up with a strategy that can generate leads.

    4. Implementation of the plan: We pick the specialized techniques that most successfully connect with the audience and present an integrated, consistent, and predictable message. Finally, we always remain on the curve to discover better approaches to make your integrated marketing strategy unique from your competitors, so your communications exertion adds to the estimation of your image.

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    What will we offer?

    Why Point Blanc Media

    We are a performance driven firm: We build campaigns that consistently produce measurable outcomes, including website traffic, subscribers, leads, and sales. We care as much about performance and success as you do.

    We are a team of tech-savvy individuals: Our professionals are immersed in technology trends and innovations to be able to more readily adapt your business models, continually increase productivity, evolve client campaigns, and make strategic connections to seemingly unrelated information.

    We are your partners, not providers: We believe in building strong client-agency partnerships with a foundation of trust, respect, and aligned expectations and goals. We are an extension of your marketing team, not just another vendor.