UX refers to User Experience in the context of the website or application of a brand. It allows the brand to directly interact with its current or potential customers through a range of services available on the internet, including the business’s website and application.
It was already evident how important it is to stay on top of everything for brands, due to the rising competition every day, and 2020 just made it even more vital because of the social distancing regulations in place. As a UI UX Designing company in Dubai, Point Blanc Media makes sure your brand has relevant and efficient according to your target audience interface that makes consumers visit your website consistently. Different companies or agencies have their own way of doing things, but for an important and top UI UX Designing agency in UAE, the strategies need to be relative according to brand as well as the customer base.
Here are a few outcomes that make UX design so important for brands in a year like 2020:

• The conversion that comes directly from a website is extremely high in percentage. People use the internet to search for everything these days, the digital knowledge and information that is common now makes it important for brands to maintain their online presence, making it easy to use, interactive, and engaging for the customers that visit it.
• SEO is also one of the top aspects of having a digital presence for companies. As mentioned above, people search for everything on the internet and a good chunk of their online queries are about products or services that can very easily be what your brand may be offering. SEO helps you rank higher on the search engine page, making it easier for you to get the exposure you require from your relevant potential customers. Your UX design can effectively improve your SEO strategy by a lot if done by the right professional, the end goal of both SEO and UX is the same, more customers on the website, having a satisfying online experience with the brand.
• A good UI UX Designing company in UAE will always make sure your product and online UX design align, it helps you save costs by a lot. When you keep customer experience as the prerequisite to your design and planning strategy, it saves you a lot of future costs, time, and effort into improving things in case you don’t get the response you were expecting.
• The expected result of any good business function is better consumer satisfaction that leads to an increase in sales, whether that’s by way of new customers or returning customers. Revenue is the endgame of all business activities, it is what drives every function and what drives important brand decisions, the same is true for UX design as an important aspect of a business these days.

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