PPC or better known as Pay Per Click Services are advertisement and placement services that efficiently
use google analytics to increase website visibility in order to increase traffic and gain traction. Point Blanc
Media is one such premium marketing agency to provide one of a kind services, that helps get valuable
customer inflow into the business. It provides PPC management services, web design Dubai, web
development solutions, seo services Dubai, social media Dubai, performance marketing services Dubai
and social media solutions. This is why it is among one of the best PPC advertising companies in Dubai,
known for its credible digital work that is result oriented.

PPC is considered a sound model of digital marketing to put a hefty amount of budget in. Unlike other
advertising services, pay per click gives an assurance of some sort of visibility from viewers where the
advertiser company is putting any kind of money in. A ppc expert would tell you the detailed and technical
benefits associated with it, but to put it into a simple explanation, Pay per click as the name suggests is
when the advertiser company has to pay the publisher of the advertisement according to the number of
clicks they get on their website. It ensures that no money is spent without at least one person showing
interest in the business. Even if it does not necessarily translate into a sale, which is the end goal,
website traffic helps bring the site above on google rank pages, in turn making increasing visibility for
potential customers to find it easily.

Ppc companies in UAE range from small to big marketing agencies ready to help you with the same.
Which has been a thing of common interest among businesses, fairly recently in the years. Not to say that
all businesses are using the digital marketing approach to get attention of their customers, it depends on
the type of business model whether relying heavily on the digital aspect would be helpful for them. But in
this day and age, the number of businesses benefitting from capitalizing on the digital marketing to lure in
business is pretty high. Digital marketing has shaped advertising in a new and advanced shape, bringing
in various types of technical and creative ways of online marketing including search engines, social
media, website optimization.

Many PPC companies in dubai provide all these above mentioned services, but at Point Blanc media, all
the services are tailored and customized according to your needs and requirements. We provide free first
consultation in form of a pitch to showcase the ideas and strategies that can be worked with. The whole
idea is to integrate the marketing plan and make a campaign that bears fruit to the business. This is why
it’s known to be a premium agency amongst a pool of other firms. Apart from the services provided by the
company, our website includes daily insights and guides on the ‘how to’s’ and ‘mistakes to avoid for a

successful digital marketing strategy’ such as this or this, among many others that can be accessed on
the blog page of our website here. Another amazing thing about our firm is that we are not restricted to
Dubai as service providers, but also included in one of the best PPC companies in Abu Dhabi as well as
other parts of UAE.

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